Healing via phoneWhat a healing session looks like via phone (photo by Peter Nufer)

Spirit has asked me to write a 4 part series of articles about long distance healing, because people have questions and concerns about receiving healing by phone, email, computer technology, and through books. This first article will be about how long distance healing occurs over the telephone, including land lines and cell phones.

Let’s first take a look at how healing occurs during a personal session where the client is in the same room with the practitioner. The client and the healer are both spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies. And these bodies have energy fields. The healer is the channel or conduit for the healing energy emanating from Spirit, which comprises of angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters such as Jesus and Mother Mary, Earth elementals such as fairies, star beings, dolphins, whales, beings who were medical specialists in a prior human life, star beings, and other life forms we may not be consciously aware of. Let us remember, when the healer calls upon the spiritual and angelic realm to assist, it is always for the clients’ highest and greatest good, and for all concerned. The core foundation of the healer is to be of service to help people heal and remember who they truly are. This service is performed with universal love, compassion, forgiveness and integrity.

The client is the receiver of the channeled healing and comes to the healer with the intention of healing a medical, emotional, mental or spiritual condition. The client can have energetic blocks, programs and emotional wounds from a prior life and the current life. The healing sessions address the removal of these manifestations that are causing illness and dis-ease. There are instances where the healing session is given just one time and the client has a complete healing. At other times, the client may require several sessions, or a year or more of sessions at intuitively guided scheduled appointments, such as once a month or once a week.

During the healing session, the client may or may not feel sensations in their body that include tingles, heat, cold, goose bump chills, tickling, needle insertions (even though there are no needles being used by the healer), pressure, relief of pressure, and more. These sensations serve to validate healing is occurring. The healer may or may not feel the same sensations I just described. The healer may see visions through their third eye or hear messages. The healer may and often does go into an altered state of consciousness. I have not listed every experience conclusively. I hope this helps you understand that all is possible and spiritual healing is a sacred form of service based in love, compassion, forgiveness and with integrity.

Light of CreationLight of Creation  (photo by Barbara Becker)

There are situations that arise in our life where we cannot actually go to a healer and receive healing at their sanctuary or place of practice. This is where the telephone system provides a way to promote the healing process. The way it works is, the healing comes from the angelic realm, otherwise known as other the ethers or dimensions. And because angels can be in more than one place at a time, they are always available to provide healing, 24/7. This is true for the Ascended Masters. Can you recall of stories where several people have had visitations from Jesus, all over the world? Not only are those in the angelic realm in more than one place at a time, so are we. There are several articles on my website, that I’ve written about where I showed up in other places for people, while I was in my apartment. I have a true story in my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, where I was in the hospital waiting room, and I channeled a healing for a friend dying in the cardiac catheterization lab/procedure room. His death was reversed!

Healing energies can transmit through the phone wires and the air. Long distance healing is taught in 2nd Degree Reiki. Healing energies can even enter a person’s body and energy fields through brick and concrete walls. I will talk more about this in a subsequent article. The concept to understand while reading this current article is that the healing energies are transmitted through the ethers, much like a carrier pigeon delivering a message to a distant destination.

Often times, my right hand will raise in the air and make symbols while I’m speaking and listening to my clients and friends on the phone. They can feel the energy waves within their physical bodies.Their heart energies open wider and they feel very loved and at peace. My guides tell me the reason people are feeling better after a phone conversation with me, is because God’s Grace is flowing. When we are in our hearts and have an open mind, healing energy can be felt. Our Ascended Master, Jesus, said, “For where two or more have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Jesus was talking about God’s Grace being present.

I have received profound healing over the phone by talking in both public and private consultations with Dr. Peebles, as trance channeled by Summer Bacon of Sedona, Arizona. When I speak with Shaman Lance Heard of Healing Light Creations, we both give and receive energetic healing with each other. My body tingles and my heart chakra always expands further. Lance shares his confirmation of the healing energy he receives too.

As a channel for God’s Grace, people receive healing through my presence, whether it’s in person, on the phone, email messages and even by reading my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. I also speak a mathematical (light) language that comes from the Great Central Sun. This language bypasses a person’s ego and speaks directly with their Higher Self or unconscious. This is the gift of love I brought with me in this life time, to help people on their journeys, no matter what religion they practice or not. I share this with you to help you feel comfortable. Humans fear what they don’t understand. Once you receive a channeled healing you will understand even further, because it will be your personal experience.

More information about my services is available on my website: www.barbarabeckerenergy.com. My website also includes previously recorded healing mathematical language during trance channeled messages on BlogTalkRadio programs. 

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

If you are have physical, mental or emotional illness, or need to clear your chakras and energy fields to attain optimum health, a channeled healing can be given over the phone. 

An Angel Tarot Card reading can help you focus what direction your life purpose is taking you. The messages are uplifting and empowering. This can be done over the phone and it’s privately recorded on an mp3 download, so you can review it again. 

For more stories of my healing gift, please consider reading my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. If you are guided, please contact me.

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