In the first article of this four part series, we looked at long distance healing by phone. This article is about how we can transmit and receive healing through our email messages.

For those who receive E-mail messages and are intuitive and have the sense of feeling energies in their bodies and mind, such as perceiving the personality, the energy and the state of being of the sender, intentions and expressions are easily seen and felt. Even for those whose intuitive gifts are not prominent, a sense of the sender can be felt. The words, sentence structure, punctuation, and format, chosen by the writer of the E-mail message can be discerned as positive, negative, neutral, or even confusing. The receiver of the E-mail can feel the energy. This is especially true when the receiver is very intuitive. 

In her article, “An Empirical Study of the Transmission of Healing Energy via E-Mail” 1, Francesca McCartney, Ph.D, concluded the randomized, single-blind study of 88 test subjects using three types of healing energies sent via E-mail, was inconclusive at this time. The study was conducted in the year 2000. The ability to send and receive healing by E-mail may not be able to be scientifically proven yet, however, it can be felt with our heart and our gut. We just know whether something is a good fit for us and our personal experience is real for us. After all, we are infinite multidimensional beings where anything is possible!

There does come responsibility when we are aware of the energy we perceive. There are times, I will ask the sender to clarify their message because I’m feeling several tones at the same time. This allows the sender to re-state their intention, and the energy either becomes amplified or altered into a different vibration. To explain this, when I receive a message and it’s from a person who is upset, I can feel their pain. My return E-mail message not only contains the words to comfort the sender, the message contains my loving and compassionate energy. This energy I send is comprised of my Higher Self, a collection of beings that come from the Great Central Sun- a place of pure love and pure consciousness.

Years ago, I channeled weekly affirmations from the angels and Ascended Masters. I sent the affirmations to a list of people who expressed a desire to receive them. The affirmations were statements such as, “I embrace change. I flow with change.” and included a recommendation on how to apply the affirmation in daily life. The one affirmation by Mother Mary, “I live in the abundance of my love, my truth and my rebirth”, specifically included a blessing that was embedded in her message. Several who read the message, told me they could feel the loving energy coming through and felt it in their physical bodies. And as a side note, several recipients asked me how the Angels know exactly what challenges we are going through, because the affirmations were spot on.

As we humans are moving forward in the dimensions and creating an Earth where Heaven exists in our physical reality, it’s important that we keep our vibrational energy as high as possible. The person transmitting healing energies through E-mail may do it innately or consciously. We all have angels and guides with us that assist in the transmission of uplifting and supportive energy. Those in the angelic realm can use the phone lines to communicate to us they are present in the room. Have you ever received a healing session and forgot to turn off or mute your phone? Chances are your phone rang and no one was on the line. “That’s Spirit!”, we say and nod our heads yes. Everything is made up of energy including us. This energy is expressed as light. The energy of healing and communication is light and sound, and it can travel through the electronics of computers, phone lines, cell phones and all sorts of devices such as ceiling fans and floor lamps.

The healing energy transmitted in E-mails can be perceived as a person does while receiving Reiki II long distance healing. Reiki is the universal life force energy that is everywhere. Reiki energy can be received directly from a Reiki practitioner’s touch or through the intention with a technique that is taught in the Reiki course by a Reiki Master.

We can even receive E-mail messages from our angels, guides and the Ascended Masters. In my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, I shared the story about the Ascended Masters sending me a message through my E-mail computer program, regarding the mathematical language training during my sleep, aboard a spaceship. They not only sent it one time, the same text was sent with the subject line: “E-language learning completed”, 7 times, in a row. There was no text in the body of the E-mail message. This was a message about the completion of the seven years of the mathematical language I learned and the downloads I received. For me, the number 7 is associated with the Ascended Masters.

The next time you receive an E-mail message, sit with the energy and feel the love behind the text. Ask yourself, “What more can I learn about myself from this message?

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker


If you are have physical, mental or emotional illness, or need to clear your chakras and energy fields to attain optimum health, a channeled healing can be given over the phone. 

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