The entire Universe exists within us. Nothing is external. How can this be? I’m looking around the room and certainly, the objects I see are over there, across the room. That’s external. Actually no, they are not. Its only because we are perceiving the third dimension as the objects being in solid form with depth, height and length. When we journey inside the objects and look into the subatomic structure and beyond, we realize all matter is energy and all energy is love. On a quantum level, all is holding consciousness. The consciousness of whom you ask? All That Is. The One Mind. Source. God. Whatever you choose to name it, or not name it, is existing within.

If the existence is within, then this would mean that we are more than this mortal human being-ness. We are the Whole, expressed as an individuated personality of consciousness. In our expanded state of consciousness, our multidimensionality, we are everything, everyone, totally connected, without separation.

What does this brief interlude of who we are and what we are composed of, have in relation to our happiness? Its a perspective that we are holding our happiness within us. How? Through our choices we decide our state of being. If misery serves to prompt change, then so be it. If joy serves to assist another, then so be it. Is it possible to interpret a hardship as a learning tool or experience that provides strength, courage and self love? I say yes. It is through our most difficult challenges, we grow the most. This is one of the reasons we came into the human experience. Not everyone. I would venture to guess that most signed up for the hurdles and disappointments in order to grow spiritually and add to the human imprint of the Akashic records and menu. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons we are here?

From my perspective, its up to me to choose to be happy where ever I find myself. I may not like the situation or circumstances, however, I do have free will to choose another experience, and to create the change I seek. This creates self responsibility and life becomes an adventure like no other. I choose to be happy. I choose to be grateful. I choose love.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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