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You know the phrase; love your neighbor as yourself. There are different ways to say it, however, what does it mean in today’s society? How can it apply to us? Haven’t we grown enough to know that war is not necessary anymore? Can we put down our differences with one another, and agree to disagree? How can we honor one another?

I hear all too often in conversations with people about how “so-and-so is doing this to me” or “doing that to me”. There is a mindset of victimhood when we are thinking that someone is acting in some way that is harmful to us. The truth is that we are the ones creating the situation in the first place. We are all amazing creators. We can create the most inspiring healing experiences and the most difficult painful lessons, all because we are not separate from God/Creator Source. There is always something to learn in every situation no matter how difficult or non-loving it appears to us. We even have the ability to turn a situation around one hundred eighty degrees! And here’s the real kicker: we have help in the form of angels!

Loving our neighbor includes loving our family members, our co-workers, our pets, our Mother Earth, our hairdressers, our massage therapists, our doctors, our naturopathic physicians, our energy workers, our angel communicators, our clients, and __________________(fill in the name of the person who helps you and/or guides you in service.) Now, fill in the name ___________________, of the person who is pushing your buttons. This might be the one who is causing you to speak your truth.

We all play roles for each other. Sometimes we are the “thorn” in someone’s side that gets a movement going for further growth and change. Sometimes the lesson is for us to remain calm and centered while the other person is doing their best to knock us off balance. When they do knock us off balance, do we give our power away further by complaining or ridiculing them? If so, we haven’t mastered the lesson. This means the lesson is going to either continue or return again and again, until we get it. If what we’ve been doing is not working, it’s time to change what we are doing. It takes a powerful and wise person to see another person in a different perspective. Sometimes the answer or solution to the problem is to simply walk away. It could mean that your angels are helping you to see that the contract or agreement is done. It’s time for a change, be it a new job, a new relationship, or what ever. Ask yourself, could you trust your angels, God, the Universe to give you something greater or better when you change? My life is an example of that. And every time I changed, something greater and better occurred in my life. My stories illustrate these small miracles in my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography.

During the time when I had a medical aesthetic practice and the medical aesthetician that worked in the same med spa was doing everything counterproductive to the success of our practice, I had to change my perspective. I had to see that she was going through some very challenging experiences in her personal life and that I had to step up and create the business by myself. I did the marketing and the networking to stimulate business for the spa and the salon. After it was all said and done, I can honestly say that I’m grateful for the experience. I learned a lot about myself, and the relationships with other people and circumstances that found me alone and challenged.

As I look back at the people who pushed my buttons and helped me to grow by changing my perspective, I realize they loved me so much, to have played the role of the button-pusher. I love them even more! I encourage you to love yourself. Love your neighbor, because they are here to help you, not hinder you.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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