Quan Yin

We are told to love our neighbors, as we love ourselves. We all want to be loved. It’s our nature, because we are love. We come from Source, God, who is all loving. Once we start to care about what people think of us, we get concerned they don’t love us. We really don’t have control over another person’s opinion of us. And, they have the right to their opinions, just as we do.

What is important, is how we are loving ourselves, our family, friends and the people we meet on the street and in our work. I include pets, plants, animals, birds and star beings, as our family members. We can read a hundred spiritual books on loving, but it doesn’t add up to a penny if we don’t practice being a loving human in our interactions. If we can just love in a healthy way without expecting love in return, we will know unconditional love.

If it is true we are unconditional love in the first place, then we always understand another person’s perspective. But what happened along the way when people stopped understanding and became cynical, frustrated, and condemning? It came from their environmental conditions, conditioning, and forgetting. And yet, there are many who became realized and remembered the love and gratitude they have for who they are, and for all they meet. Although I may not agree with what a friend is doing or acting, I still love them. I feel this way because it wasn’t that long ago I was acting and doing the same behavior. This is the basis for my belief that anyone can change if they so choose.

Loving ourselves, through forgiveness and being our authentic self, expressing our beauty upon the world, will change everyone around us. People will gravitate toward us because we are the beacon in the storm of hatred, fear and greed. Loving ourselves no matter what, shining our light brilliantly and radiantly from our hearts.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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