Facilitating QHHT® sessions, helping the client to become relaxed and allowing their mind’s eye to open and reveal what the client’s Higher Self wants them to see, is a joy for me.

In my book, Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered, there are stories of various experiences with extraterrestrials and personalities from other lives. This past year I facilitated a QHHT® session where an Arcturian master came forward to give guidance for the client. After the master described an energy array on planet Earth, I asked if he would draw the configuration of the array, if I gave the client a felt tip pen in her right hand and a pad of paper in the left. The master said yes. My client sat up and the master drew the array. I observed the immense amount of energy coarse through her hand, as it shook while making the image on the paper. When the image was complete, my client laid back down on the hypnosis bed and I continued the conversation with the master without missing a beat.

In a recent session, I received the idea to ask the Higher Self to draw an image for me. My client had recognized me as a commander of a space craft and that she is on that craft performing tasks. I shared my knowledge of this space craft in my book: Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography and in Time Travels. In my everyday life, I meet people all the time telling me I look familiar to them. However, this is the first time someone is adamant about being on the same craft. This client is very gifted with their psychic skills and is here on Earth helping others on their spiritual journey. I was given permission to share information from the session without revealing who the client is.

I asked the Higher Self what the client looks like on the ship. Wearing a white tunic with pants, boot shaped shoes, on the short and stocky humanoid life form, this being comes from another star system. On the chest area of the tunic is an emblem signifying the home planet’s image. A blue crescent moon shape with gold metallic threading for the rest of the circular formed emblem.

The ability of the QHHT® client to sit up and draw in deep level hypnosis, while the practitioner is talking with the Higher Self or other entity, gives us another appreciation for the amazing modality the late great Dolores Cannon created.

Submitted with love,

Barbara Becker

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