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As we ascend on the levels of consciousness scale by David R. Hawkins’ in his book, Power vs. Force, we are now at Neutrality. The vibration of this level is 250, we are trusting and our view of life is satisfactory. At this level, we are not out to prove anything to anyone. People like us and we like them. It feels comfortable and there isn’t a need to push or force our selves to do anything.

We are not attached to objects or situations. If something doesn’t work out, it’s no big deal. Something better or greater is coming our way. From the struggles of the lower levels of consciousness, this feels pretty good in comparison. However, as we progress up the scale, we will see there is more to life than being neutral.

From my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, I wrote about the time in 2009, where I had received a message from my angels to renew my passport, in the previous year. I had no idea in 2008 that I would be traveling to Switzerland in the summer of 2009. Switzerland is the country known for it’s armed neutrality, since the year 1815. This is the external reflecting the internal. My boyfriend, Peter, whom I met in 2008, was born in Switzerland and moved to the United States in 1993, when he fell in love with the Arizona desert climate.

In 2009, I was at a place in my life where I “surrendered” to being happy with Peter, traveling, and remodeling the ranch home. It felt like I had reached a plateau in my spiritual development and that my life would be comfortable and satisfying. This was my neutral level of consciousness. However, this state didn’t last very long, as I soon learned in several ways. The first message was a kick-in-the-butt angel reading by a psychic medium in Prescott, Arizona. My Higher Self and my angels were very concerned that I had given up on my mission. This reading gave me the message that I had to write my book in order to move forward in my life. Another message was Peter telling me we need to bring in more income to the household, and this meant I had to find employment not only to live on, and to finance the publishing of the book. When these realizations came into my consciousness, the Universe put into place everything to make it all happen.

Being neutral means being in the flow of life. There is no reason to be stubborn or unbending. Being flexible reduces stress and creates a state of health in the body. We don’t attach or hold onto grudges or statements that people make about us. Our digestive system is healthy because we embrace life and see it as a wonderful dance. When things aren’t working out the way we had hoped, we also know that something greater is in the works. The outcome will be as it is meant to be. Being neutral not only helps our selves, it allows our perceived environment and reality to be in a flow of grace and ease, because it echos and reflects back to us. Everything is in right order, for the highest and greatest good of all.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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