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If we pay attention to our bodies, minds, spirits and emotions, we can steer our path in the direction of our highest and greatest good. Life is about experiencing the tough lessons and the joyful moments. We walk through our day to day activities and interactions with people, learning how to love ourselves and others. We are all playing roles for one another. Even people who are not nice to us, are helping us to love ourselves. That is their gift to us.

If we find the Universe is telling us that we need to retreat and focus on healing ourself, then do so. Healing ourselves can be accomplished in many ways. Seeking treatment that is in alignment with our soul such as naturopathic, organic, energetic, chiropractic, medicinal or fasting can help us heal. Speaking our truth will open our throat chakras more and help us come to a feeling of completion and understanding more about ourselves and our relationship with the world. Setting boundaries provides protection and security while we heal and regain our freedom to be who we are and nothing less.

How else can we nurture ourselves?

Meditation is a way to nurture our soul, mind, spirit and emotions. Reflecting on what is occurring in our reality and letting go of negative thoughts, provides the space for help. Clear our minds and asking our angels and guides to come in and help us understand the deeper meaning behind the lessons we are walking through. Be open to receive the information.

Stating positive and uplifting affirmations clear out negative energy and heal the mind and body. Positive affirmations are created when we state what we need to be in our best mental, physical and emotional state of being. Being grateful for everything in our lives, including the challenging experiences and situations, places us closer to happiness.

Balance is another way to nurture our four states of mind. Pacing our activities creates balance on many levels. Sometimes we need to wait before we act or speak. Getting in touch with our intuition and recognizing our feelings when to engage, will help us determine the most appropriate and divine time to create our best experience and decisions.

Remembering we are loved beyond all measure, no matter what. We are all creators and have come here to Mother Earth to assist in her Ascension. We are all ascending, growing spiritually and transforming into our light bodies. We are all lightning up and vibrating higher in order to physically experience multiple dimensions. The energies that came in during 12/21/12, have changed our perceptions and we are processing old wounds and lessons. We are seeing things we haven’t seen before. A fresh perspective is presenting itself in our minds. We are beginning to understand why we had to learn the lessons of patience, forgiveness, compassion and tolerance, many times and may continue to do so.

Focusing on filling our cup, through nurturing ourselves, prepares us to be available to nurture others with our highest energetic and positive self. People and animals will be drawn to us. They will reflect and mirror the image of the Creator that is within each of us. Nurturing ourselves will generate more love in us and because we are connected to everyone, more love in the world. This is the huge gift we give to everyone when we nurture ourselves.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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