This subject continues to show up in angel readings and QHHT® sessions. We miss opportunities that are right in front of us. It’s only because we are not seeing or hearing the possibilities that help us to develop our creations. We slip into our drama and forget that help is all around us, in the form of angels and guides. We focus on the lack of what we need and allow it to consume our thoughts. Our emotions distract us and interfere with our focus of what we do have and the abundant source at our fingertips.

Everyone has the power to change the perspective of lack and transform it into a feeling of abundant prosperity. It’s just a matter of realizing all of the blessings we already have in our life. When we focus on our blessings, our energy changes from negative to positive. The Universe feels our positivity and sends more our way. Suddenly, all that we need appears right here, right now!

Every experience we have is a lesson in love and teaches us more about ourselves and our relationship with the world. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past. The present experience is at hand and always gives us another opportunity to create and live our divine life purpose in being loved and loving others. 

Here’s how you can prepare to receive the opportunities you seek:

  1. In your mind, list three things, people or situations, you are blessed to have in your life.
  2. Feel the happiness, joy and positive vibration of your blessings. The Universe responds to your feelings, with more of the same vibration. You will feel a shift in your energy.
  3. Be open to a deeper understanding of your experiences. See and hear each experience as another opportunity for the expression of love. 
  4. Ask your angels, guides, or Higher Self for help in what ever you are creating. They are ready and willing to support you.
  5. Remember all of your needs are met above and beyond your expectations. Trust and have faith in yourself. The entire universe is conspiring to bring you happiness, love and success.

Keeping your eyes and ears open to the opportunities around you help to ensure your creations come to fruition. We are the creator of our reality. It’s up to us to accept help and act upon our intuition as opportunities present themselves. Trust and faith in yourself are the active ingredients in the magical process of creation. Your positive thoughts of what you want to create and make real in your life are important. The phrase you reap what you sow is applicable.

Love and blessings,

Barbara Becker

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