Globe mallowGlobe Mallow  photo by Barbara Becker

In 2006, during a private teleconference with Dr. James Martin Peebles, trance channeled by Summer Bacon of Sedona, Arizona, we discussed my mission and life purpose. He reminded me I have come to Earth and my biggest mission is to bring love to the world. I’m also learning about love, appreciate all facets of it, and bring it back to a group of other beings on my home planet. This was the first time I heard that I come from another planet. I soon realized that surely, as I come from another planet, so does everyone else. It takes time for people to understand their multidimensionality. Meaning, we are here as humans, and we are also existing as other life forms at the same time. This is plausible because it has been known for some time by astrophysicists and others who channel information from the Universe, that the past, present and future are all happening at the same time. Its just that in the third dimension we perceive time as linear with distinct periods of the past, the present and the future.

To think of ourselves as more than the human form we see in the mirror can be very frightening for some, unrealistic for others, and humbling in some respects, for the rest. But how grand it is that we are more than this! We came to Earth because we heard the call to come. Each of us has what it takes to perform our part of the healing of our dear planet. From a simple and sincere prayer, to ceremonies healing the water, the soil, the air and the animals and plant life. We all have thoughts. Thought is a powerful tool in transforming our beliefs, our reality and our touch upon the Earth.

We came here to learn and to teach in a grand school. We learn concepts and teach by sharing our knowledge and wisdom with others. To me, this is service in community. This is how we can simply, yet effectively change our world for the better. In tandem with our inner healing and forgiveness, each of us affects the greater whole of the community. We can’t change others without changing ourselves. Our connection with one another and with our Mother Earth is what makes the transformation of our environment possible.

And the glue, the binder, that holds everything together cohesively and effortlessly, is love. Everything and everyone is about love. We learn our lessons by experiencing the struggles, the joys, and the challenges in our daily life, to learn about love. When we come to the realization that it was all about love in the first place, then all those arguments, those fights, those wars, were to get us to see we are One to begin with. One human race. One Divinity. One multidimensional being. One. All the negativity was to separate us. It was an illusion. We all go back to the Oneness when our lessons are complete here on Earth.

It’s time to put the sword of duality of right and wrong, and good and bad, down on the ground. It’s time to embrace our love for one another. It’s time to love our dear school called planet Earth. Each of us has an obligation to change what needs to be changed within us, in order to see the love in the world and exist peacefully. It is through changing our perspective of others as the enemy, to others as our classmates, teaching and learning from one another, that we experience Heaven on Earth. Is this possible? You only need to look into your heart to know the answer.

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker

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