hearing angels
Are you seeking to hear your uplifting angels and guides voices? Are you looking for a closer connection to the Creator Source? Are you wanting to become an angel communicator? Are you preparing yourself for the near future where we will be interacting with objects and technology that are integrated into our communication skills?

While meditation is profoundly the best path for angelic realm communications, there are other activities you can do that will promote a clear connection. Being physically active is one method of promoting the hearing of our angel’s voice. Walking regularly, hiking, biking, swimming, dancing to our favorite tunes, tai chi, and yoga are some ways to physically move our bodies and energy systems. Even physical cleaning house work can help us make the connection with our angels. Becoming grounded with Mother Earth and remembering our “roots” connected to her help us to communicate better. We aren’t flighty. Hug a tree. Walk or stand barefoot in the lush green grass.

When I was creating a twelve foot fabric dragon for a Feng Shui festival dragon dance, it required the length of the living room to spread out the fabric pieces and pin them together. I had to stoop down, crawl on my hands and knees,  scoot, and stretch my legs and arms to match up the components of the large dragon.

When I had it sewn together and decorated with glittered netting on the scales, I turned around, took two steps away and heard a voice out loud: “Hello there”.
I turned around and asked out loud, “You said that?”
“I did.”
The dragon I created was talking to me!
You may be asking yourself, “What does this mean? Barbara is not insane, and yet she is talking with an object she created by rearranging the fibers into a shape we know as a dragon for dancing purposes.”

Someday this type of communication is going to be the norm. Why? There are metal like substances that are used to fabricate and form space flying crafts and vehicles. These substances look and feel like metal, yet are able to “respond” to the feelings of the occupants. Several years ago, when I read a story about a man’s visit on board one of these spacecrafts, I received confirmation from my angels. The application of this type of “sensing metal substance” is endless. It could be part of our home, cars, computers, and other communication devices.

In addition to becoming more active in our life, relaxation is another method to facilitate angel communications. Relaxing and just knowing that we can trust our intuition, and the voice inside us that is reassuring, positive, supporting and uplifting, places us in the spot to hear our angels and guides and decide to follow their guidance after we’ve asked for their help. Slowing down and turning off the mental buzz of a thousand thoughts plugs us into the socket from Source.

Above all, remember we are all connected to one another. We are not alone in our experiences. All of nature and our creations are communicating with us. Hearing our angels and guides will prepare us for the future in loving and healing communications with all of life.
Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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