Preparing to harvest the fruits of your labor

Summer's fruit

We are almost at the end of summer. We’ve taken the time and effort to do the inner work of expunging what no longer serves us. We’ve meditated and processed our inner wounds. Some of us have taken classes or participated in online courses and workshops. We’re finding more clarity in our purpose on Earth. We’re noticing we are dancing more in our hearts. The old programs of lack, pain and struggle have melted away. We know we are connected to everyone and everything. We’re gonna be okay!

What I just wrote is the harvest of the inner work I embarked upon this summer. Simply put, life keeps getting better and better. Our vibration is lighter and higher. As I write these words, I see the time on the clock: 12:12. Confirmation that we will benefit from our summer work. I spent a good deal of my summer working on ancestral programs and stories of lack, pain and struggle. I was surprised to find myself tagged for this project. In meditation, I saw all my ancestors and family cheering me on, when I felt crummy, tired, sore and almost giving up, as the cellular memories processed through my physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Instead of fighting the yucky feelings, I embraced them. I gave gratitude for being allowed to experience it all. I changed my perspective of struggle to one of challenge. Who’s up for a challenge? I raise my hand! It was weeks of diving inward and asking what’s this all about? How can this be released? I received energetic attunements of release and re-charge to replace the emotional attachments that were removed. I experienced moments of relief. I received confirmation of my inner work was indeed processing through, by experiencing a rattlesnake coiled up next to me, five inches from my bare leg, as I cleaned the pool filter. Lucky for me, the snake was sleeping, and yet provided a metaphor of my “sleeping”. It was enough for me to walk through a fear of being bitten, as I picked up the snake with a five foot metal pole, asking it to leave. And when it didn’t, I kept the gate open and told it “When you’re ready, leave, you’re free to leave.” Those words are me speaking to the poisonous brainwashing ancestral stories about lack, pain and struggle, carried on down through the ages, through many lifetimes, from all my ancestors. Someone had to do it. I knew I was up for it, because I have the tools, the knowledge and the unwavering determination to see it to the end. Is this the definition of a spiritual warrior? Maybe.

I have chosen to not continue the family story of lack, pain and struggle. Rather, I chose to live in affluence, ease and joy. In affluence, we harvest the fruit of our work and apply it with compassion, with happiness, and without effort. Others benefit from our harvest because as we change, so do others, for the better. In this human experience, we have choices. Do we choose to continue the old worn out, destructive stories that keep us in a low vibration, or do we drop them and pick up and live a personal inspirational story that fuels our ascension into the bounty of Source’s love for us, living a life of affluence, ease and joy?

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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