Just when you think your life is perfect, everything in its place, everyone in their perfect moment, you’re handed more. Its the 555 number sequence you keep seeing on auto license plates, phone numbers, addresses, street signs, number of views of a video on social media, and other places. That 555 is the message for you to buckle your seatbelt, because life is going to get a whole lot more exciting, busy, and changing.

I’ve been seeing the 555 a lot lately. It prepares me for change, big change. My newsletter subscribers know about the changes in my life when they read what I share in the “Inside Barbara’s Life” section. Now, I’m wondering how can I apply my ability to remain calm and centered, moving in my rapid flow of change? The answer to this question is to continue what I’ve learned and incorporated in my daily activities.

Meditation, tai chi, qi gong and yoga are the techniques for continued health and growth in positive directions. I recently added hiking and a workout on a treadmill. I do a lot of sitting during my client sessions, so I must burn the calories and exercise the muscles to keep my body in good shape and feel flexible.

When our lives are routine, we can become complacent and take the mundane for granted. Those of us who have asked for a better world filled with peace, love and compassion, will at times be forced with pressure to step out of our comfort zone into the unfamiliar. Spirit propels us forward by adding the pressure points of changes, to get us off our behinds and creating a new reality. Some are volunteering their services in places they never thought possible. Some are leaving employers and conventional forms of work to step out and be in service to humanity through their healing gifts.

I’m finding my life is becoming rich and textured with new experiences and new people. I am supported beyond my wildest imaginations. I am trusting all will be provided for, at the perfect moment, in the perfect order.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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