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Even if a client can’t “see” with their third eye, in a QHHT past-life regression, their other senses are enhanced to where they can feel, hear and know the information they are seeking. Images are conveyed in vivid detail just like watching a movie. The following session story is a good example of this. Look for how the client “felt” her way through this past-life regression experience.

I facilitated a QHHT session for a delightful 28 year-old single woman named Patricia (name changed for privacy) who works in the corporate environment as an advocate for women’s rights. She loves to travel. Its her opinion that emotions are unnecessary. She’s been suffering with depression since she was a small child and she wants to know why. She has a hard time committing to relationships and contracts. These things provoke anxiety in her and she would like to remove this stressful feeling. She has been hypnotized before and experienced a past-life regression with a hypnotherapist.

During the interview portion of the session I told Patricia that I do not hold judgements. The example I gave her was that I didn’t care if she is a prostitute in this current life, nor was one in a prior life. This was the first time I used this example to explain my unconditional love I have for my clients.

Past Life

She came gently into the death scene.

She was looking at a road stretching into the distant red rocks of the Southwest. She wasn’t associating herself with a body. Looking around to the left, she felt a presence of people that were arguing in a conflict. Patricia was able to see that she was part of the argument and there was a punch. She did not feel any discomfort experiencing this scene. This was my cue to go back before the death scene, further back so we can find out what caused her death in that life.


We left that scene and Patricia found herself as a young, barefoot man, dressed in rolled up pants, a shirt covered by a vest tied with a leather string, sitting on log next to a campfire, eating mush with pieces of meat in it. His hat was off. There are others eating, however, there was not a sense of community feel to this group. He is a hired hand involved in moving horses across the country. Its almost nightfall, and he will later sleep in his tent located behind him. For the majority of the time, he travels with this group of men and does various other things like pan for gold. When I asked if he was married, he replied, “There’s a connection to a woman, but its not marriage. Romantic of some sort.”

B: Is this someone you have relations with when you come to town?

He gives a coquettish smile and laughs- “Yeah.”

B: That’s okay [conveying my non-judgement].

We moved forward to another important day…

He finds himself in a lively, but not crowded saloon, sitting at the bar, inebriated, enjoying his drink and talking with Mac, the bartender, and answering my questions. “I think that’s where the girl connection is.” Is your lady friend there in the saloon? “I think so. I’m sitting by myself, I’m fairly drunk. I wander on my own. I don’t feel connected to things. I like to walk and smoke cigarettes.”

B: Besides cigarettes, drinking and walking, what else do you like?

“Women comes to mind. That’s another thing I like.”

B: Do you help women to feel good? “I get the impression its a mysterious thing, not of substance, like flings. I might have a fondness for one. I’m outdoorsy. I’m smart and quiet. No one knows. I have initiative.”

He didn’t have any family, because they were killed in a fire. He was a teenager at the time and his younger brother was between 4-6 years of age. His mother was a prostitute who worked in a brothel. Some town folks burned down the building where she and her children lived. People used the term, “whatever” when referring to prostitutes. They felt women who sold their bodies were not important enough.

We left that scene and moved forward to the last day of that life. Reminding him that he can see it as an observer, without physical or mental discomfort, I asked, What is happening? He found himself by a river, lush with a green landscape. “I get the idea someone came out from behind and hitting me and I fell into the water.” He was knocked out and drowned. 

Once out of the body, a soul can look back at the life and share what they learned. “I didn’t respect women, not that I was mean. It wasn’t an equal way of thinking.” What was the purpose of that lifetime? “Not being able to save people, because I couldn’t save my brother. I can’t save everyone.”

I asked to speak to the Sub Conscious for permission to ask questions. Permission was granted.

Sub Conscious

(also known as the Higher Self)

I asked why that life time was chosen to be seen by Patricia.

“Let go of the brother. Plus part of the work now involves being an advocate for women.”

B: What was the purpose of that life and lessons of that lifetime?

“It was an important opportunity to connect with Nature in that way. That independence was important to learn.”

B: Can she apply that in this lifetime?

“Yes, Nature needs to become a bigger role.”

B: What is her current life purpose? “She needs to learn to float on the water, stop trying to work so hard as if she needs to swim to somewhere. The water is symbolic of the connection and understanding that she has access to. Discussions are occurring with her guides at this moment. She’s always on track. She needs to be easier on herself, in that thinking that every step could be a misstep.”

B: Can you help her with this? “Yes”

B: Are you performing a healing for her? “Yes.”

Regarding anxiety in committing to business contracts and personal relationships:

“The root cause was past life thing. It involved chains and not having freedom.”

B: Are you able to heal her of this at this time? “Yes.”

Let me know when the healing is complete. “Done.” Thank you

Regarding depression since early childhood:

“It hurts us to see that. We want to comfort her. We’re pulling it out.”  She gave a big sigh. “It was a hanging and this is why there is a problem with her throat, because it closes off. Are you able to heal it now? “Yes.” Is it gone? “Yes, and her depression will be an ongoing healing. We will continue working on her at night. We will give her a symbol so she knows the depression has lifted. It will be lilacs.”

Body Scan

Upon the body scan, the Sub Conscious looked at her brain, and found an emotional detachment from hitting her head on an electrical fence and sustained a minor electrocution, as a child. They healed this trauma because it was related to the house where she and a friend were crawling by the fence. The house was the home of a boy who took advantage of her, and this caused an emotional attachment. I inquired about the sinus cysts she reported to me in the interview. By the time I asked this question, the Sub Conscious had already removed them. Has everything been healed in her body, that I’ve asked you to heal? “There has been substantial progress.”


Patricia and I were amazed that I had used the prostitute example in the interview without knowing what, where, how and who, the past-life would be. This could very well be an example that the Sub Conscious (Higher Self) places these thoughts into our consciousness to draw upon to communicate our perspectives.

We found it enlightening that the life of a man who used women for sex and referred to them as “things”, that now, in the current life, he is an advocate for women. It illustrates a beautiful karmic balancing and shows Patricia has learned her lessons.

I did hear from Patricia that she is doing well.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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