Pink Angel

I facilitated this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM session for a 48 year-old married woman who lives in Arizona. Carol (not her real name) and her husband found Dolores Cannon. She read, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, by Dolores, and felt guided to have a QHHT® session.

Carol is a very sensitive empath. She knows she takes on everyone’s energy. She has difficulty being in crowds. She never felt she fit in with others, and desperately wants to.  Carol is married to a long time friend who is also an empath.

Carol’s concerns for healing her body during the QHHT® session were:

  • Overweight
  • Bumps on her skin, all over her body (no redness, no itching)
  • Vitiligo (light and dark color variation of the skin on her arms and legs
  • Indigestion (Takes Prilosec for many years)
  • Bladder incontinence with sneeze and cough
  • Feeling overwhelmed in groups of people

Past Life

Carol saw waves of light and darkness. Then the scene changed to a beautiful bright pink light. It felt really nice to Carol. She began sobbing tears of joy, “Its an angel! She has big shoulders and a tiny waist. She is floating in the air.” Telepathically, the angel, named Jewel, told Carol she’s here to protect her. Jewel says, “Everything is safe.” Jewel is always with Carol and she’s been with her forever.

The next scene shown to Carol, by her Higher Self, otherwise known as the SubConscious, was blackness. She was able to step out of herself and see herself as a bright fog with sun rays emanating from the fog:

“Yes, its everywhere. It glows and gets dense in some spots. It’s like I’m looking at it too. Its brighter on the bottom. Then it just expands. Its all bright. I don’t see anybody. I’m all alone. And its okay. I can feel pressure, like energy pushing on me. So quiet, but not deafening quiet. Just a peaceful quiet.”

This was a lovely place to leave the past life scene since Carol wasn’t going anywhere and our time to contact the Subconscious was at hand.


We practitioners ask why did the Subconscious show the information to the client. This will give clarity for the information shown. 

Barbara: Why did you show her the angel Jewel?

Subconscious: So she knows. So she can have confirmation. She knows she’s always there. She just didn’t think that is who it was. She was expecting someone else.

B: Why is Carol here?

SC: To be happy. Experience love and the light.

B: Is she doing that?

SC: Some of it. She’s not as happy as she should be or could be.

B: What do you recommend for her to be happy?

SC: Let go. Let it be the feeling you felt when you are in the light. Let it be okay just to be. You don’t have to be anything. Just be. You don’t have to prove anything. You’re already special.

B: Is she fulfilling her missions here?

SC: Some of them.

B: Could you share with us what missions she has not fulfilled or worked on?

SC: Self love. Acceptance. That will make her grow more than anything.

B: How can she best accomplish this?

SC: Be her own guide. Stop looking for someone else to guide her. She already knows. Trust it. Meditation.

B: What type of meditation is best for her?

SC: Single. Alone. Somewhere quiet. So she can feel the Earth and the love it has.

B: Did she bring a gift with her?

SC: Acceptance. Love. Guidance. Friendship.

B: Is she using all of her gifts?

SC: No

B: Which ones is she not using to the fullest potential?

SC: She holds them back.

B: Why does she hold them back?

SC: Fear

B: And what is that about?

SC: Being hurt.

B: Why?

SC: What the pain will cause.

B: What is the root cause of this original pain?

SC: What life has done.

B: What has life done?

SC: Destroys

B: Could you show her so she will understand what you are saying? Will you allow her to share with us what she is seeing about her initial fear?

SC: Its more of a feeling. She feels crushed.

B: When did that start?

SC: A long time ago.

B: In this lifetime or a past life?

SC: A past life.

B: Would you be willing to show her a scene from that past life?

SC: She’s not willing to look at it.

B: Is there a reason why?

SC: She’s afraid of the pain. (slightly sobbing)

B: Are you able to help her see it as an observer and not feel any discomfort?

SC: Yes

B: You’re really good at this. Will she be willing to see it?

SC: Yes

B: Would you allow her to share with us what she is seeing?

SC: Yes

B: Alright. Go ahead.

SC: She has to break through the darkness. She has a hard time breaking through the darkness.

B: Could you help her with this? You’re really good at this.

SC: She’s fighting it.

B: I know you’re taking care of her. We’re watching over her. Jewel is here. Can you help her to understand that?

SC: Yes

B: Will you help her to know we never go away. We never die. We just change forms, go onto another journey, another project. Another expression of love. Can you show her?

SC: Yes

B: What is she seeing now?

S: She’s floating. She’s in a river. The water, floating.

B: Is she inside of something in the river or what?

SC: She’s the river.

B: She’s the river. Oh beautiful. Is this what she’s afraid to look at?

SC: I don’t think so. I think its the way its dark. Let her have substance. Get used to the weight. Its so heavy. She likes it.

B: Very nice.

SC: So heavy. She didn’t think it would be so heavy. She needs to know she can still move even though its heavy.

B: And you said she’s the river?

SC: Yeah.

B: And the river, in the form of the river is very powerful?

SC: Yes

B: Is that what you are showing her?

SC: Yes

B: And that she is more powerful than anything that would come up to fear. Is that correct?

SC: Yes

B: Very nice. You’re doing this in a very beautiful way to help her to understand and gently to feel her way through this.

SC: She is life. The river gives life. She likes that. There are babies. She calls them her babies.

B: Very nice.

SC: It hurts. She just wants to help them, give them light. She wants to be lighter. Not so heavy.

B: And what happens?

SC: She goes. Up.

B: How does she feel?

SC: Light. She can move again. She likes it up there. The river holds pain for her.

B: What is this pain about?

SC: She can’t see it. I think she just hurts for everything. For the Earth.

B: Why does she have so much discomfort?

SC: Its her babies. She’s close to her babies.

B: Can you help her to feel less emotional about it. Let her know her babies are fine.

SC: Its hard. [big sigh] I saw metal.

B: What is the metal connected to?

SC: The Earth. I can smell the Earth. I can’t see it. Small trees. I don’t see anything. I just smell and feel. I feel happy. I want to giggle. I’m happy. I’m on Earth and I don’t know what I am.

B: Dear Subconscious, why are you showing this to her?

SC: It okay to be. To just be. To feel that you can be human and just be. Not be anything. You don’t have to be a mother, a wife, a daughter, just be. Its okay to just be. You can be whatever you want. Thats all you have to be here, is just be. And that’s happiness. You don’t have to think. TV is terrible. She shouldn’t watch it. It gives her ideas she has to be something. No pretending. No faking.

As the Subconscious reviewed Carol’s body, they revealed to me that she has panic attacks.

SC: They’re not hers.

B: They [panic attacks] belong to somebody else?

SC: They do.

B: Who do they belong to?

SC: Anybody near.

B: What can she do, or what would you like to do to prevent this from happening?

SC: She knows they’re here. She knows they’re not hers.

B: Do they serve a purpose for her?

SC: They do.

B: In what way?

SC: Its her way of healing and helping. They are easy to take and let go of, for her. She’s learned that now.

B: So they don’t have very much of an affect on her now?

SC: No

B: She shared with us an anomaly in her spine called spina bifida, causing hip pain. What can you tell us about this?

SC: Its the way its supposed to be.

B: What is the purpose of that?

SC: Its how she’s always been. Every life she’s been.

B: What purpose does it serve in those lifetimes?

SC: As a guide.

B: For what?

SC: Its her acceptance.

B: Of what?

SC: Of being different.

B: Is this causing her any problems?

SC: No. It causes her an understanding. It helps her.

B: Is her hip discomfort from that source?

SC: From the over weight.

B: When she loses the weight, the hip discomfort will go away?

SC: Yes

The SubConscious worked on her weight issues. And then, we find the icing on the cake. Carol brought up in the interview she has skin bumps on her body. She wants to know what this is about. In addition, she has variations in her skin color. Some areas are darker or lighter than others.

B: What about the skin bumps?

SC: They’ll go away.

B: What is the root cause of those?

SC: Tension

B: What is the tension about?

SC: Life, life in general.

B: What about the color variations in her skin? What is the root cause?

SC: Let me look. Its her true being coming through.

B: What is her true being?

SC: [crying] She doesn’t want to say it.

B: Its okay. There’s no judgment here. I embrace all.

SC: She’s relaxing. She’s an angel. She’s part of Jewel.

B: Awe… What prompts or promotes the color variation?

SC: Purity

B: Does that affect the skin?

SC: The more she gets in touch with who she is, the lighter she will become.

B: Is this like a marker for her?

SC: Its a gift.

B: She shared she has bladder incontinence when sneezing.

SC: Its stress. We’ll work on relaxing her and those muscles will relax.

B: Are you working on her urinary system?

SC: Yes

B: Can she feel that?

SC: Yes

B: Would you allow her to express what she’s feeling right now?

SC: Tingling. Like sparks. -I’m working on her stomach.

B: Oh, very nice. I love it when you beat me to the question.

SC: From a long time ago, another life is causing her stomach issues. She has a hard time going to another life. It wasn’t a good time.

B: Did she have emotional problems back then?

SC: They were mean to her. She wasn’t treated well.

B: What did they do?

SC: She’s frightened to look at it.

B: Will you work on her to heal that stomach issue?

SC: Yes

B: Is it possible when she listens to her recording over and over, you’ll be able to help her see that, down the road?

SC: Yes!

B: She’ll get used to knowing its okay to look at the past?

SC: She’ll see it.

B: Four years ago, she was in the kitchen, she went into an altered state of consciousness and began babbling. Would you share with us what happened?

SC: That’s when she got her gift.

B: Was that the gift you spoke of here?

SC: Yes. And it will grow. We gave it to her quickly. And it grows.

B: Will that happen again?

SC: Yes

B: Is that like an energetic download?

SC: Yes. It has happened again.

B: Is it always done in a private, safe place?

S: Yes

B: Is she a healer and will this improve?

SC: Yes

B: She’s uncomfortable in groups of more than 4-5 people.

SC: She feels that she has to mass heal. She doesn’t have to heal them at all.

B: Would you be able to give her an adjustment?

SC: Yes

B: How are you doing this?

SC: Light, love and energy, throughout her whole body. She can feel it. Her bladder is healed. Her stomach is healed. She won’t allow her heart to heal. She feels it is part of her penance. It will take time, we’ll get there. She must do work.

B: What work?

SC: Self talk. Self love. Let it grow. Let it fill and become light. She can feel it now. Its starting. It will take a little longer. She won’t let me do it instantly. She’s good. She’s healthy.

B: Will she need to take that Prilosec medication?

SC: No. She has to eat right. Not too much. More fruit through juicing.

Parting message from the Subconscious

“Keep doing what you’re doing. You’e got it right. You just need to trust in yourself. Trust in the process of life. Know that you’ll go on. But you’re clean. This is your last life. Its a long one. Be happy.”

This gentle soul is an Earth angel. She’s here to love herself, heal others easily if she wants to, but most of all, to just be. Her very presence is healing the Earth.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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