Life purpose

The eternal question many of my clients ask their Higher Self is framed several ways: “Why am I on planet Earth?” “What is my purpose?” “What am I to do here?” “What did I come here to do?” These are several ways we ask the Higher Self, also known as the bigger part of us, to gain understanding of our role as humans in the third dimension.

I find it fascinating hearing all the different, yet common themes the Higher Self tells my clients in their Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM (QHHT®) sessions. My clients come from all walks of life. Here is a sampling of the life purpose statements made by the Higher Self during hypnosis sessions:

1.To learn to love another person, even when that person doesn’t.

2.To learn to heal. To be healed, then to heal others.

3. It’s always a lesson within a lesson, many levels, most of all it’s the attitude, it’s the service toward others, to be strong when others cannot, to let the light shine forth.

4. To do for herself before others, including her family. She worries too much about other people.

5. To bring a daughter into the world and make sure she is raised well.

6. Healing herself and others.

7. To learn to float on the water, stop trying to work so hard as if she needs to swim to somewhere.

8. To find peace, to accept herself, and to learn to love herself. She needs to care for herself.

9. To be of service. Helping others by providing food and meals.

The lessons of loving oneself and others shows up many times. Love and peace is a mission centered on individuals, society, and entire Universes. We are here helping ourselves and others, on the journey to love. Because we are connected to one another, when we love ourselves unconditionally, we love and heal the entire population of Mother Earth, and the Cosmos. While many people are taking action through service, others are meant to just be present on the planet because of their energies:

1. To just be. People will find him and receive what they need.

2. To be an observer. Enjoy being alive.

3. She doesn’t have to do anything. Just enjoy life.

4. To maintain balance in the Universe. We need her energy on Earth and its important.

5. She is an ambassador of the worlds. Her main purpose is to keep the peace among the Universe.

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM session is one way to receive answers of your life purpose questions, and more, by connecting with your Higher Self and listening to the answers recorded digitally by the QHHT® practitioner. The practitioner asks more questions about the life purpose to receive clarity regarding missions and contracts. The Higher Self can be very specific in giving recommendations on how to complete missions and confirmations about missions already completed.

Do you know your life purpose? Have you completed your mission? Do you know all of the missions you agreed to perform while in the human experience?

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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