In QHHT session story: Family Harmony and Anxiety, Part I, I had asked Carl’s guide if Carl is completing his mission on Earth. The guide said yes, however, she wasn’t sure. She didn’t know the bigger picture to be able to answer this question.

Barbara:  Are you able to ask someone who does know?

I observed Carl deep breathing for about 25 seconds.

HS: I Am One. His purpose here is to love at his highest level.

B: After today, will he be able to do this?

HS: Yes

B: Thank you. In his current relationship. Is this the best relationship with her?

HS: She teaches him a lot. She’s teaching him patience. Trust himself. Be gentle with himself. She’s teaching him compassion. 

B: Does he have any karma to balance?

HS: No. He’s already went through his karma.

B: Is there any trauma from this life or another that he needs to heal that is holding him back?

HS: Slow down. Take a break. Just let things come. He already knows the lessons he’s to learn.

B: What can you share with us about his time overseas when he felt he was always on high alert? What did he learn from that experience?

HS: He learned faith. He needed to learn that faith over fear. He needed to learn to have faith above fear. He has a tattoo of it, even though he ignores it. That lesson can also be spread across the theme of his life. Faith over fear. He’s a lot more balanced now. He’s not resisting me. Not as much as I thought he would.

B: Good. With whom am I speaking with?

HS: I AM ONE. His Higher Self.

B: Thank you so much.

HS: He’s very grateful to you.

B: Thank you. How can he create more love, harmony and peace in his life?

HS: He must meditate more.

B: What do you recommend?

HS: Exercise, just don’t over do it. Take the time to be in the present moment. Smell the roses. His mind is always racing. He needs to pull the reins, pump the brakes and just be.

B: Can you help him make that adjustment now?

HS: [deep breathing] Must be gentle with this. It’s done.

B: What do you want to tell him about his third eye?

HS: To not fear it. Be patient.

B: You showed him quite a bit just awhile ago. Does he now understand his third eye is open?

HS: He has concerns about the calcification.

B: Can you look at his pineal gland?

HS: Hard, but functioning. He’s not seeing everything clearly, but its functioning. It’s need to be cleaned up.

B: What is the root cause of that hardening?

HS: Diet. The fluoride. Toothpaste.

B: What do you recommend he brush his teeth with?

HS: Baking soda. He’s so tense!

B: Can you help him to relax?

Deep breathing

B:You’re so good at this.

HS: Baking soda. More water. He doesn’t need to decalcify it all the way.

B: Can you decalcify it all the way? You’ve done it for others.

HS: Not the time.

B: Will you do it at night while he sleeps?

HS: He doesn’t need it to decalcify.

B: Is it in proper order?

HS: He has to let it flow on its own.

B: Are you going to help him with that?

HS: Yes.

B: Thank you

HS: It will be slow and gentle.

B: Can you help him to understand, by what we did earlier, by the visualization of the lemons and the dreams that it is a form of the third eye?

HS: He understands.

B: Would you please do a body scan?

HS: He’s in great shape. Pretty good health. He needs to take it easier at the gym. He needs to balance his rest with his exercise. Yoga. Active rest. He’s very in tune with me. He has a sense of it all. Sometimes he over thinks the feeling. Most things he wanted to know I’ve already communicated with him. He just didn’t know it was me. I communicate through feelings, subtle urges, the butterfly confirmation in regard to you. (as his chosen QHHT practitioner) That was something that was strong enough to get his attention. He had been asking for a form of confirmation. That was the perfect solution. He just needs to believe it.

B: Is the body scan done?

HS: Yes

B: Does he have a role in the Ascension?

HS: He is to guide others. His family. He will be the voice for them in their time of need and time of not understanding. He’s going to be their shepherd. Keep his vibration high. To remain living n times of fear, turmoil, stay centered and love. He’s heard everything he needs to know about the Ascension. He spends of a lot of time researching on the web. He needs to be patient during these times. Stay secure and stay balanced. Remember to love unconditionally. Be patient with others. Patient with yourself. There will be rough times ahead you are to guide others through.

B: The most recent past life you showed him, he was watching the news on TV about finding the ruins on the moon. Why did you show him that?

HS: I wanted him to know things will be revealed in a more public way. Currently he’s looking for more confirmation of these UFO space topics. Soon all will be revealed. It will be enough to satisfy him. It will be a form of imitation for him to know he’s ushered in this new reality for him to begin to help usher those through the knowledge and information he’s gathered.

B: Do we have permission for a surrogate healing on his mother?

HS: She needs it.

B: What can you tell us about her anxiety?

HS: It’s fear based.

B: What is the root cause of it?

S: Her love. She’s afraid to lose what she loves. She holds on very tight. She has a fear of losing. The event with Susan was the most profound in her awakening process. So in a way it helps her.

B: Is there anything the HS can do to help her?

HS: Not at this moment.

B: Can the HS decrease her anxieties?

HS Yes

B: Is her body handling the medications?

HS: Yes

B: Is the anxiety healing complete?

HS: Yes

B: What will he notice after the session from the healing being done?

HS: He will feel refreshed. He will feel lighter. His heart will be open.

B: Thank you. Is there anything in his conscious awake state to support the healing?

HS: Continue to meditate. Continue to silence the mind. Continue to be in the present moment. Not think too far ahead. Not think too far behind. Be with himself. Be gentle with himself. All will be well.

B: What do you think will surprise him the most from what was said here today?

HS: How easy it was.

B: When he contacted me for a session, what did you hope he would receive most from the session?

HS: Someone to guide him through his awakening process. You are very tuned into his vibration. Your energy calms him. It was for you to serve as a guide through this process, as he doesn’t have anyone to go to for this. You have done well.

B: Thank you. Is there anything else you wish he would have asked about today?

HS: Spirit guides

B: What would you like to tell him?

HS: They love him very much. Often times he is too impatient and they want him to know to be more patient. They want him to be more patient.

B: Thank you. What is the most important thing he didn’t know about himself that you’d like to explain to him?

HS: His light is very bright. He needs to embrace it, not fear it. He needs to let his love shine through.

Parting Message of the I AM ONE

Continue to trust yourself. We have a strong connection. No need to worry. Continue to love. Don’t be afraid to love. Spread your love. Be love. Your girlfriend is right for you. She loves you far more than you can imagine. Relax into her love as she relaxes into yours. Grow together. She is the right one for you.

Carl’s testimonial says it best:

“For starters, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great session and for such a great EXPERIENCE! When I was on YouTube watching QHHT® sessions, I immediately felt like it was the next step for my spiritual development. I ended up finding Barbara and immediately felt butterflies in my stomach, which I later found out was my higher self giving me confirmation on her.

Barbara guided me into my session very gently and lovingly and made me feel really at ease during the entire time. I learned so much about myself, as we went on an adventure to 2 past lives and had a great dialogue with my higher self. After the session, I woke up feeling AMAZING. My anxiety is gone. I feel like I can love at my highest level again.”

Before I bring my clients up and out of hypnosis, I give my gratitude, respect and love to the Higher Self for the love, healing, guidance and messages they’ve given my client.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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