I’m sharing an unusual true story of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueSM client who attempted to contact me prior to her scheduled QHHT® session and I didn’t respond. This story shows  humans are not always privy to what is happening behind the scenes of our third dimensional reality. With the client’s permission, I took the opportunity to find out the mystery of her unanswered and blocked messages. We will call this client Martha, for privacy sake. I also add that for over forty years, I’m well known for my prompt answering of phone calls, voice message inquiries and email messages. When Martha told me what happened, my curiosity was raised. To her credit, Martha wasn’t upset and figured there was a reason she wasn’t aware of. The following is what Martha shared with me.

Her session was scheduled about a month in advance. As the date of our session drew closer, she decided to reschedule her session sooner. Over several days, Martha called my cell phone number three times and left voice messages from her cell phone. I never received the phone calls or the voice messages. On the fourth attempt, she called my number again. While the call was in progress, her father called. She told him she would call him back after this important phone call she was making. She returned to the call, and her cell phone shut down. Her phone was inoperable for two hours!

Martha’s session was delayed because the hotel had been busy. We finally met at 5:00pm. I normally start QHHT® sessions in hotels by 3pm. I showed her my phone, listing all phone calls and voice messages. Hers were not there! I asked Martha for her permission for me to ask her Higher Self how and why the phone calls and messages didn’t go through. We were both very curious and the explanation may lend a reason for others to consider when people don’t return our phone calls. In case you’re wondering, even her email messages to me didn’t go through!

After establishing contact with Martha’s Higher Self, also known as the Subconscious in QHHT® sessions, I asked Martha’s questions she brought to the session, before exploring the phone and email puzzle. The healing part of the session was also completed prior to the following dialogue:

Barbara: Could you please share with us about her phone calls and messages not getting through to me?

Subconscious: She was meant to contact you later.

B: Was there someone who caused all the interference?

SC: Jeffrey (one of her guardian angels)

B: Why was there a delay?

SC: Something changed.

B: What changed?

SC: Something changed with her. She and her husband. Her husband changed his path and if she changed her path the outcome would be incorrect. If she moved the date for her session, it would throw her path off from his, with her waiting. [It] gave the time needed for him and her to align.

B: Have they renegotiated their contracts?

SC: Yes

B: She had difficulty getting into her room today for the session. Why did this happen?

SC: The original room was noisy and there’s something wrong with the air conditioner in that room.

B: What was the number of that room?

SC: Room 208

B: She called me and left a message that she was in room 128. I didn’t receive that phone call either. She emailed me and I saw the message. What was the purpose of that?

SC: To give her time to release.

B: To release what?

SC: All her worries.

How many times in our life have we been in a similar situation where our friend, family or business representative didn’t answer the phone, nor return our inquiries? This story is just one example that our guides, angels and Higher Self know what is best for us. knowing our past, present and future, they see the bigger picture, and our agreements, soul path and contracts. They even know if the hotel room is not perfect for a session! At the least, this story could help to reduce stress for us, by taking a pause and allow the truth to be revealed. And, this also shows the amazing aspect of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM session can help us to see we don’t know the whole story, until we ask, and it’s confirmation we have help on the other side.

Blessings of love and joy,

Barbara Becker

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