I facilitated this QHHT session for a 50 year-old married woman named Susan (not her real name). Years ago, she immigrated to America from another country. While I cannot go into details, her childhood was filled with experiences no child should ever have to endure. Her main concerns were feeling no excitement in her life and wants to know what is holding her back from reaching her full human potential. She has read my QHHT sessions stories book, Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered. Susan cried during the interview when she told me how deeply my book touched her heart.

What I liked most about this session is that it illustrates the fact a client is experiencing emotions in the hypnosis, means the client is indeed, in deep level hypnosis. As Dolores Cannon has said, “You can’t fake emotions in deep hypnosis.”

What the Higher Self wanted her to see…

When she entered the deep hypnotic state, she found herself floating alone in a purple and blue environment. It felt relaxing to her. With not much more happening, Susan wanted to experience something different. She had difficulty allowing the Higher Self to show her what she needed to see, so I guided her.

Barbara: What would you like to see or where would you like to go?

Susan: mumbling incomprehensible sounds.

Barbara: Would you like to go to a place where you’ve been on vacation?

Susan: mumbling incomprehensible sounds

Barbara: If you were to go on a vacation, where would that be?

Susan: Hawaii

Barbara: Okay, let’s go to Hawaii.

Moving to another scene…

From Susan’s memory, she is sitting alone in the light brown sand, in front of the ocean. The sky is blue with white clouds. The waves are gently rolling onto the beach. There are trees behind her. She sees birds passing by. Susan feels like she wants to be with the birds.

Barbara: Look down at your feet. What do you see?

Susan: I’m a big white bird and we’re moving somewhere.  [Susan is already flying with the birds. This is once again, another example how the Higher Self will take whatever you give them, and segue into what they want to show you. From my perspective, this is an elegant manner to be shown a past life.]

Barbara: When you say you are moving, how are you moving?

Susan: We’re flying.

Susan, the bird is a healthy female pelican with baby birds. Her eyes are blue and she has long legs. The birds are traveling far over the Earth. It’s easy for her to fly. The trip could take considerable time, so I move her ahead to the destination. Suddenly, Susan is now crying almost uncontrollably, “My babies, my babies!”

Barbara: What is happening?

Susan can’t talk. I allow her to cry for a couple of seconds, as this is healing. Then I ask: What happened to the babies?

The babies were lost. She can’t move her wings. Susan became hysterical in her distraught. I raised my voice directing the Higher Self to calm down the emotion. I instructed Susan to take a deep breath. She complied immediately. I told Susan she can look at this scene like a movie and tell me what is happening on the screen. I reminded her she is going to be fine.

Something hit her and she went down into the ocean. Her wings are burning. She could not tell me what hit her. With her escalating voice of the burning sensation, I instructed Susan she will not have any physical sensations and that she is on the other side of it. She was not able to swim. Susan, the pelican, feels worthless without her baby birds. Her body washes up on the shore to finish dying.

I reminded Susan again she won’t have any physical sensations. The bird became part of Mother Earth. Susan came out of the body of the pelican.

Her body felt heavy. (This is unusual. The spirit feels lighter being out of the third density human form.) She actually feels heavier.

Susan wanted to go up to the light. She went up. She could feel her angel’s love as they met her, even though she could not see them. They tell her she has a mission and has to go back.

Barbara: Do they give you a chance to rest?

Susan: No

Barbara: Why not?

Susan: They gave me love. I was a bird and I was free. Now, I have to go back.

Susan is not happy. She doesn’t want to be a human. Susan begins to cry again. She is pleading with her angels not to send her back. She cries uncontrollably again.

Barbara: Tell me more about why you don’t want to be a human?

Susan: It’s hard to be human!

Barbara: Have you been a human before?

Susan: I’ve been a human before. All the lifetimes have been heartaches. Different kinds, different lives.

Barbara: Does the next life have to be hard?

The Higher Self takes her into another life without my prompt…

Susan’s voice tone turns to joy.

Susan: They bring me to that life. I’m that girl now. I can have some freedom. I don’t know what happened to that girl in the white dress. I’m in a white dress with a hat. I am in a field. I’m very happy!

Barbara: Sounds nice!

Susan: Yeah! I’m playing with butterflies. [Laughing.]

Barbara: Sounds fun!

Susan: Jumping up and down. I see my house. The house is made of wood. It’s the 1930s. I have a basket to get flowers. I have animals. I have a family. I’m going to play with my flowers and dance. I love to dance in my dress. My eyes are light brown and I have mid length wavy blonde hair. My grandmother made my hat and it has flowers in it.

When I asked Susan to walk to her home, she sees her mother hanging clothes on the clothesline. She loves her mommy. Her mother sees her coming.

Suddenly, Susan becomes filled with fear. She starts yelling, “Mommy, mommy! What happened?!” Susan reports there are men coming on horseback. Her mother is screaming, “ALICE GO!”  She realizes she can’t go home to her mother. She runs and hides in a wooden barrel that is used for wine storage. The men grab her mother. Her mother is raped and killed. Everyone is killed but Alice.

I coach Alice to return to calm and watch the scene like a movie. Through deep breathing, Alice calmed down.

Another important day…

Alice: I’m a lady in the same life. I have a boy and a girl. I have a fashion hat. I have gloves and a nice handbag. My dress is high fashion. I live in the city. People use horse and carriage, and Model T cars. These are the very first cars made! It’s black and I hear the car horn tooting. [Alice laughs.] I’m shopping with my children. My husband is the mayor of the town. He is very serious. He doesn’t play with the children. I love my children.

Barbara: Are you happy in your marriage?

Alice: I think I’m happy. He’s very serious. He has so much to do. Still, I’m comfortable. We come to visit him, but he wants us to leave him alone. Let’s go Johnny!

When I walk through the city, everyone respects me. The sidewalks are made of wood. We pass a hotel.

I moved her to the location outside her home. Her home has two reddish brown doors with glass windows. She doesn’t go to the kitchen much because she has servants who do the cooking. All she does is play with her children.

Barbara: See yourself having a typical meal with your family. Do you have a special place to sit down and enjoy a meal, and what does that place look like?

Alice: Distance! It’s distance! It’s a big table. Its a humungous table! I don’t want that table! (Alice is becoming upset again.) Because I don’t sit next to my husband. He’s on the other side.

Barbara: Sounds formal.

Alice: Very formal. Always have to be formal. All the time. I can’t do anything not to be formal. He gives me dirty looks if I do something else.

He tells me I have to be very formal, very well spoken, and have so much manners, because we have many people coming to our house. We have parties and they come to visit.

Barbara: Why do these people visit?

Alice: They have business with my husband. They want to bring more and develop more, and more and more, to the city! I want to be Alice! He won’t let me be Alice.

Alice jumps into another scene in that life, without my prompt…

Alice: I’m old.

It’s an hour into the session and I need to start talking with the Higher Self. I thought it would be best to have her lay down in her bed for a nice rest. We already went through one death scene, and it could take much more time to do another. I didn’t want to gamble with time.

I ask Alice to prepare for bed.

Alice: I’m old. Not feeling bad. My bed has a burgundy color bedspread with an oak wood frame. It’s big. I’m not in the mood anymore. I’m very old.

Barbara: I want you to lay down in bed, under the covers. Take a nice big deep breath. Remember, this is a beautiful life you are living. Just relax. Comfortable in your own bed. It feels good…

Higher Self

The Higher Self came through with an entirely different singing type voice.

The Higher Self showed her the first energy being life so she can know she can handle the energy when providing healing for herself and others. Susan is afraid she can’t handle the purple light. They send her the light, but she’s afraid to take it. The pelican bird life was shown to convey the freedom of flying on her own. The life of Alice was shown because of her fears of not stopping anybody who is demanding. This relates to her personal relationships.

The Higher Self answered all of her questions. Suggestions and recommendations were given for her life journey going forward. All of her ailments are healed. She received an exercise program. She will begin training to become a healer.

When I asked where Susan comes from, the Higher Self said Susan and I are sisters on a distant planet.

HS: “Susan came to help her family through a rough time. She’s an angel. When you left, she felt so lost. You promised you would come back to her. And that’s what we did today.”

Barbara: When she contacted me for a session, what did you hope she would receive the most?

HS: We want her to meet her sister. She felt she lost something. She was always looking for something in the sky. We want her to meet you. We gave her that. When she came to the door, she was very excited to come here. Because she has a sensation. When she came to the building, she said, “It’s not ten yet?!!” She felt it when she saw you and we know you felt it too.

Barbara: Yes, I saw the look on her face and I knew something was up here.

HS: Yup, yup! You are her sister. You came back to her so you can help her. Of all these people around the world doing this job (QHHT), we found you because you are the sister. She read your book like eating a sandwich, so fast! We pushed her to get to the session today.

Barbara: Thank you.

I asked Dolores Cannon if she has a message for Susan.

Dolores Cannon

I’m happy you were sent. Read my material and learn more.

Before you know it, you’re it. I’ll be with you.

Parting Message

She is a star! Everyone is proud of her. She needs to know that. You can do it! Go for it! That’s it.


Susan is doing well. It’s been three weeks since her session. To my delightful surprise, she signed up for the QHHT Level 1 course. I just received the message while writing the end of this session story.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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