We can embrace the loving respect we have for ourselves and others by being one who practices self love. One of our human experiences is an interaction with another person. People present themselves to us in different ways. Some are honest and respectful to us. Others are not as honest, or they disrespect us by intruding on us. They are coming from a space where the ego is dominate. They are wishy-washy or disrespectful to us by demanding their needs must be met over ours. Interactions with one another are energy exchanges and life lessons. Although being disrespected does not feel good, it serves to teach us how to be respectful to ourselves and others and to once again learn self love.

If you feel people are not respecting you, look at how you are respecting yourself. People are the mirror of your emotions and feelings. Observe the body language of the other person. This may give you insight in how well you receive or not receive a message. Perhaps you are at a point in your life where you need to stand up for yourself and your dreams and demand to be respected. Then do so, with conviction, clear words and with the intention of loving yourself.

When you are in your power and comfortable in who you are and your relationship with the world, you will not give into the ups and downs of your moods or anyone else’s conflicts. Being at peace with yourself means you are not affected by the emotional turmoil others would want to give you. You don’t have to accept that gift.

If you are a light worker and you find yourself giving too much, then you need to pull yourself back and respect yourself by setting healthy boundaries of time and space. If another person doesn’t accept your request that you need time for yourself, then this is the opportunity to teach that person about honoring one’s body, mind, spirit and emotion. Through your example of respecting that you need time to regroup and recharge your batteries, in order to be refreshed and be the sparkling conduit of love, inspiration and healing, others will learn they can incorporate the same concept for themselves. You are showing them you have integrity and self love.

The human interaction of respect/disrespect is a wonderful expression of love for both people. If we remember that we all truly love one another, and the person who is disrespecting is really giving us the gift of standing up for ourselves, then we see this in the light of lessons in the human experience. It is a good practice to always bless the people in your life that respect you and the ones that don’t. Because there is no difference between the two.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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