I am a star being, from a distant planet outside of Earth’s solar system. I incarnated into a female human form, to bring love to the planet, discover who I am and remember my connection to God, and to perform other missions.

In 2005, I assisted my friend Joel, who underwent a cardiac catheterization in a local hospital. This type of procedure is done to look for blood vessel blockages in a person’s heart. A dye is injected into the blood stream and the physician views the coronary vessels with fluoroscopic imaging. Joel asked me to accompany him to the procedure. In the preparation room, I observed Joel’s cardiologist, telling Joel because of his diabetes, he will probably need heart surgery right after the catheterization procedure. Of course, this information scared Joel.

After the cardiologist left the area, I told Joel, “Forget everything he just told you. You are going to sail through this procedure with flying colors. You are safe and healthy.” I am clairvoyant and I also knew he would be just fine. I also knew the importance of positive affirmations and a positive frame of mind. I performed an energy healing over his body to help him calm down. He shared with me he felt better.

I channeled a healing for Joel during the catheterization. During the procedure, I sat in the large lobby designated for family members. I was guided to put the book I had been reading down on the end table. I stood up and moved my body to open up my meridians (energy channels that flow through the human body). I sat down and went into trance. My body began moving in what would look like convulsions, shaking rapidly as if shivering after a plunge in an icy cold lake. My fingers of my right hand moved rapidly, hanging toward the floor. This is one way I work in a person’s star fields, rearranging the codes into perfect alignment.) When the healing transmission was complete, I came out of trance and picked up my book and returned to reading.

When the cardiologist came out of the procedure room, he told me, “I’ve never seen this before. I was expecting to see the narrow, clogged arteries of a diabetic. Instead, I saw large, clear arteries. Even if he did have a clot, it wouldn’t affect him.”

Because I was in trance, I was not aware of what was happening to Joel during the procedure. After this channeled healing, for weeks, when I drove to work in the morning, I kept asking the same question: “What did I do in that hospital lobby?” The answer my angels gave me each time was the same, “You gave him life.” 

During a subsequent private teleconference with a spirit named, James Martin Peebles, MD, NMD, channeled through trance medium, Summer Bacon, I asked Dr. Peebles, “What did I do for Joel during the catheterization?”

“You prevented Joel from having a cardiac arrest. His lungs were beginning to fill with liquid. You prevented this from going any further. You restarted his breathing. He was very, very near to collapse there. He was very fearful, and he had high expectations, not necessarily of the most positive kind. You disrupted his tendency toward negativity here.  You understand? So you saved his life. Yes, absolutely. It is not necessary to consciously know what you are doing. The less you know about it, the easier it is to surrender into it.”

It was in this moment, I realized, my healing gift of channeling God’s love, light, truth, beauty and inspiration, reversed Joel’s imminent death. Joel’s event was not the only one that I have assisted in preventing and/or reversing death.

I was told by my husband at the time, Hoyt, that when one has a gift, there is an obligation to share it with the world. And this is why I created Barbara Becker Healing. I feel honored to offer this gift of healing for those who seek it.

If you, a loved one, or friend, are about to undergo a major surgery or procedure, a channeled Star Energy Healing can promote an outcome that is in the highest and greatest good. For more stories of my healing gift, please consider reading my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. If you are guided, please contact me

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker



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