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Sharing Universal wisdom & connectivity of all while offering life-changing knowledge

Barbara’s subtle style of sharing her most life altering challenges as well as her successes, are graceful displays of courage for the reader to experience with her. As Barbara shares her arduous journey of connecting the dots of these life experiences with the spiritual synchronicity contained within each of them, the reader begins to get a glimpse of what dwells inside of Barbara and how expansive her spiritual understanding is.

Barbara’s insightful words of clarity describe her deep awareness of spiritual consciousness and offer themselves as a guide into timeless wisdom. As I read these words of wisdom a stream of knowledge revealed itself. This stream of knowledge shows how it exists in the furthest dimensions of the universe and cascades back downwards to the earth in spirals of connectivity linking together All That Is.

For the reader who fully embraces the wisdom held in Barbara’s words, you’re in for a special treat. Insights born from the subtle realization of what dwells between the lines of her words and what resides within the covers of Barbara’s latest work, “Expansion: The Journey Continues” is a gentle yet powerful revelation. This book is a gift to humanity to connect with the Divine!

From: a deeply grateful reader!

By Garen Bayless on November 29, 2021

A courageous and challenging journey!

This is her third book that I have read about the exploration and wonders of Barbara’s life …. having had the opportunity to enjoy a QHHT session with her many years ago, My curiosity was piqued in desiring to know more about her life leading to her role now as a practitioner. reading “Expansion, The Journey Continues”, I was unable to put it down, following her brave revelations about what has challenged her emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Her story prompts self-exploration as to what is possible in our world and in the cosmos~ it is quite the unveiling of someone who has allowed herself to be vulnerable and to be pushed to ask what is necessary to grow spiritually….. thank you, Barbara for sharing your story~!

By Kate K. on November 12, 2021


I would highly recommend all of Barbara’s books. This one is special.

By Pouria Owtad on September 23, 2021

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