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Back in 2003, before my shamanic opening ceremony, where my healing gift was revealed, I performed my own shamanic meditations. I didn’t know what issue I would be working on, until my guide had me jump into the Grand Canyon. Shamanic meditations feel very “real”. These types of meditations help a person to remove long buried experiences that cause blocks and prevent us from stepping into our Divine love for ourselves and enjoy greater health and well being.
With my arms around my guide’s neck, we jumped into the representation of an abyss, the Grand Canyon. I screamed in my mind as we plummeted into the canyon. Our landing slowed as we approached the ground. The scenery changed to a place called Oak Creek, in Sedona, Arizona. I remembered the exact location of this spot alongside the creek when I was with a childhood friend of mine. When we were fourteen years old, we hiked along the creek enjoying the aspen trees, the cool water of the creek and the warm summer air. As we approached the area near a suspension bridge, we heard a growling sound coming from the woods. It was a sound unlike any bear, wolf, or any other large animal. It felt demonic. Our hairs stood on end. We looked at each other and said, “Let’s get out of here now!”
We ran across the creek and did a vertical rock climb straight up to the highway above. We had no ropes or safety gear. Fear was our propellant and focus. We never did find out who or what caused that unknown growl.
In my meditation, my guide told me to start walking into the woods. This was the same woods where that demonic sound came from. I immediately felt fear and I didn’t want to go in there. My guide told me I would be safe. I mustered up the courage and began walking into the dark woods. After several steps, darkness enveloped me until I was standing in a black void. The fear and anticipation of meeting this demon built up to a point I could not stand it any longer. I finally demanded, “Demon, show yourself right now!”
In the blackness a hazy image of a human came forward. When I looked straight at it, I saw myself. I stood there for a minute and realized I was fearing myself. “This is what I’ve been scared of? Me? I know I am love. Why would I be scared of love?”
I then asked, “Okay, show me what I really look like outside of this human body.” I relaxed and saw a flickering light of a comet, a star traveling across the cosmos. I’m a star. I had a sudden realization that this star energy was pure Divine love. There was absolutely nothing to fear. This changed my whole perspective about myself. My self love and the love I have for others, deepened. 
I now realize the experience at age fourteen, served to be a method or reference point for me to walk into my fear and discover there is only Divine love. Every one of our experiences is about love. God sees us as perfection. We are the ones who come up with our perception that we are not love and that we are not perfect. This is when distortions develop. We really are the Be-Loved. We are Divine Love. 
A shamanic meditation can reveal our hidden fears and blocks and release them so we can live a healthy and grateful life. There are shamans, medicine men and women, and healers who can assist us in these beautiful meditations that can transform our lives enabling us to walk in beauty.
Blessings and joy!
Barbara Becker
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