Full moon


How can we continue to shine our light when others around us cry in their pain? Is it possible to maintain a state of “wholiness” and not be affected by the circumstances and less than loving behavior of others? The answer is yes.

By choosing our thoughts of peace, harmony, stillness and inner bliss, we become the light. When we see with our hearts and feel the deeper meaning behind the illusion of pain, we become One with the Creator, as all lessons teach us more about ourselves and our purpose here on Mother Earth. We engage in life and understand through compassion and forgiveness, all suffering and joy is about love.

By changing our perspective to one of light and love, we are healing ourselves and others. We have the ability to change how we perceive our experiences.

I used to be frustrated in traffic when a driver would “cut me off”, nearly hitting my car. This caused a lot of stress for me. When I decided to change my perspective and imagine that the other driver was an Ascended Master, driving in a hurry to help someone, I began to perceive the situation differently; a little bit less frustrating and a lot more understanding. I now slow down to allow the other driver ample room and time to pass.

I took the situation one step further. I imagined the driver of the other vehicle was me. If I truly love myself, then I have all the compassion, understanding and forgiveness of the Universe for the other driver. And in reality, the other driver is me! We are all connected too. Once this realization sunk into my being, my stress level dramatically reduced to not caring when someone is driving in a hurry. Instead, I love them and pray they are safe and reach their destination in Divine timing for everyone’s highest and greatest good and safety.

By understanding we don’t have to lower our vibration and engage in negative thoughts and situations. When someone comes to us and is talking about their problems and cannot see a way out, we don’t have to try to fix them. Not everyone wants to be healed. We can stay positive and loving, remaining silent, allowing the person to voice their opinions and perceptions, while we understand it is their’s not ours. This is self love. Loving ourselves not to be taken down into a lower vibration. By keeping our light bright and pure, we are a beacon for greater love. If the person asks for our opinion, we share with positive and uplifting words and examples.
Keeping our thoughts positive and harmonious, raise the vibration for everyone, by giving a higher and healing perspective. Not taking negative statements and actions by others personally, keeps us out of the victim mentality and helps us to understand everything is a lesson for us to learn more about love. We all have the ability to be the beacon of loving light.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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