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Do you want to have a mystical spiritual experience? Have you had life changing altered state of consciousness experiences, and wonder why they don’t happen all the time?

It could be and may very well be, because we are already spiritual beings. We’ve been asked to come here to planet Earth to perform work, learn lessons, and be of service to others. We met with our Soul family and master guides before our birth to determine which type of life and circumstances we would grow the most from. Growth comes from our experiences and gleaning what we learned from them. So, we went over to the “job board” and saw what is needed for planet Earth and signed up for the tasks. Some of us chewed off more than we could possibly handle. That is where dear souls have committed suicide because they couldn’t take the pain and suffering that is part of the human experience. There is no judgment on my part that they chose to leave. Everyone has free will. However, the soul that decides to leave the human experience must not blame others or attempt to transfer their actions onto anyone else. Everyone has free will, free choice, and is responsible for their creative adventures here.

In addition to our work, we are seeking to remember we are already connected to Source energy/God. We are already spiritual. We already exist in Source/God. We are multidimensional beings. This means we occupy several places at the same time/moment, in this and other dimensions. When we ask ourselves, “Where do I come from? What planet do I come from?” and we say, “I want to go back to my home planet or star!” we can simply remind ourselves we are already there. The longing comes from the forgetfulness of the human being. The veil of forget was placed over us so that we can be fully and completely immersed in the human experience. With all its discomfort, raw emotions and feelings, hardships, and challenges, we learn and grow the most spiritually here, on Mother Earth. In addition to the yucky stuff, we have opportunities to experience and perceive the happy, comfortable and beautiful moments of being a human being.

It is an honor to be a human being. And it takes great courage and strength to be human. There are souls who wouldn’t come near this opportunity because they heard the stories of just how difficult it can be and they decide to either not partake or postpone their lessons in this type of environment. And still other souls are waiting in line, for the chance to come here and face their toughest lessons and transcend the tribulations to attain Self Realization and realize we are already enlightened beings.

If we came here to have a Spiritual experience, then we would be in our energetic form, understanding everyone, telepathic, feeling the profound and deep connection to a loving Source/God. Instead, we are having a human experience, exploring what it means to be human, facing our fears, doubts, and all the attributes of what we have experienced before, through releasing, forgiving and loving ourselves and others. This is the inner work we speak of, that must be done. We were given the concept of time to help us perceive this holographic illusion that was and is set up for our perceptions and manifestations.

Each of us has the Divine spark of God/Creator Source Energy within us and around us. This spark can be seen and experienced in the most unexpected circumstances such as helping someone find a job or offering to host a dinner or celebration for two souls to meet and marry some day. It can be seen when someone offers a hand to another digging a ditch, or editing a book for publication that someday, has a profound effect on humanity. It can be found in the story of the woman who spent her entire adult life ironing clothes for the community, saving and investing the money to where she left a million dollar legacy of educational scholarships for the youth of that community.

Enjoy your human experience, because this is the life you are focused on now. Dear Spiritual being, what are you creating now, in your human experience?

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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