Where do we find the answers to our questions about health, relationships and life purpose? An angel/tarot card reading is one place. Angel/tarot card readings can be very informative in giving guidance to the “how to” and “why” part of our questions. There is another place, and it’s always with us. When we relax and go deep into meditation, we can ask questions of our guides and angels and God. The answers can be given immediately, or at a later time through symbols, phrases, or even a billboard or song. Sometimes our answers are given to us very quickly, such as the following true story demonstrates.

Years ago, I performed a scrying on a photograph of a man who died in a “road rage” auto accident. A scrying is a form of seeing things psychically from an object. In the roll over accident, he was thrown from the vehicle. His body was photographed at the scene. I placed my hand on the photograph and asked, “What did this man feel at the moment he crossed over into spirit?” Instantly, my mind went into a thousand different directions at the same time. This man’s impending fear of death became mine. My heart rate jumped up to about 180 beats per minute, and sweat poured down my forehead. My hands were wet with nervous fear.

Now that I had accessed this information, I didn’t know how to step away from it. I started to panic inside of myself. I couldn’t even think straight. But somehow, deep within me, I knew exactly what to do. I sat back in my chair, held my palms up in the air, closed my eyes, and prayed, “Mother Mary, would you please give me a healing to remove this situation from my mind?”
Instantly, Queen Mary appeared with her open hand in the air above my head. Sea salt began spraying out of her hand all around me, like a shower of love. My mind and heart rate returned to normal immediately. The sweating stopped and I was able to return to my work. The situation I described is an example that when we are in a moment of urgency or emergency, the answer reveals itself spontaneously because it comes from within us and becomes accessible.
Acknowledging that we have the answers within us, an angel/tarot card reading confirms what we already know. And vice versa, the answers we already know can be confirmed by an angel/tarot card reading. Meditating on our answers and questions gives us further insight into understanding them. 


Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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