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According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, joy is a feeling of great happiness. Remember a time when you experienced great happiness. In that moment, how did the world look to you? Did you notice that the petty things in life really didn’t seem like the mountain of struggle that it did before? Did you feel a sense that everything is going to work out anyway, and that life just got better?

The feeling of joy on the level of consciousness scale, by David R. Hawkins in his book, Power vs. Force, is an inner quality of eternal patience, compassion and serenity. Advanced spiritual students, healers and saints have this vibration. When you are near them or talking with them, you sense this joyful vibration and feel it too. You enjoy being with them and speaking about them.

People can see the golden aura around the body of a human with the vibration level of joy at 540, on the scale of 20-1000. The person filled with joy perceives the world as perfect and beautiful. Opportunities to be of service to humanity on a large scale, are presented and welcomed. People who have had a near death experience return with joy. They no longer fear death, for they know that we never die. After we have finished our missions and soul contracts on Earth, we leave the corporal body or take it with us as a light body (rainbow body), and return to the Spirit realm, to continue our spiritual lessons.

The person vibrating with joy perceives the struggles of life as opportunities for growth and love. Their attitude is positive no matter what happens. They are in tune with their intuition and no longer require rigid schedules and detailed plans. They are living at a higher level of being-ness. Life flows in synchronicity with a Divine flow of ease and grace. Each moment is embraced fully as part of the whole complete experience. 

Joy can be fleeting at times, however, when you have done the work on your personal pieces and devoted a good deal of time and effort in your spiritual practice, or sustain a life changing event that takes you to experience cosmic consciousness, your vibration is elevated to the level of joy.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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