Reiki is a natural healing method from Japan that anyone can perform. People have been sharing, giving and receiving Reiki for thousands of years. It is not based in religion or any belief system. Rather, it’s a universal life force energy that flows through every human, animal and plant.

We were given these beautiful human bodies that are an instrument of healing and love. Reiki is typically given in a thirty or sixty minute session on a massage table with the client fully clothed. The Reiki practitioner places their hands on or above the client’s body in either specific locations and/or guided areas such as a knee or ankle. After receiving a Reiki treatment session, my clients are relaxed and feeling very loved.

Receiving Reiki energy from a Reiki practitioner, can help a person grow spiritually, boost and balance the immune system and augment other healing modalities such as a broken bone repair performed by a medical doctor. When a person has balance and perspective in their emotions and mental state, more love and light is able to be absorbed into the body, creating an environment for healing. There are people who have survived enormous life challenges through their uplifting, hopeful and positive attitude. Love, positivity and light is what Reiki promotes in a person.

If you find your life is complicated and stressful, several benefits of a Reiki treatment session include:

1. Revitalize your body and soul

2. Re-establish spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being

3. Loosen up blocks and balance the body’s energies

4. Promote a state of total relaxation

Reiki sessions can help you walk through stressful situations and see your lessons more clearly as an experience that strengthens you and helps you remember to lighten up a bit. You begin to trust your inner wisdom and power that is already within you.

People often are guided to become a Reiki practitioner after receiving one or more sessions, and experiencing the benefits that Reiki provides. While there is no requirement to become a practitioner, receiving Reiki can be your way of creating more love and peace on the earth. By healing and loving yourself, your connection to everyone creates a positive change in all humans, animals and plants, including Mother Earth.

The internet provides a vast library of information about what Reiki is and is not, locating practitioners in your area, and types of Reiki methods available to the public. When performing your searches, go into your heart and feel what resonates with you, for your highest and greatest good. On a spiritual level, the whole world wants you to feel good and express your love and beauty for yourself and others. Reiki can help you experience life as a creative adventure with greater understanding, trust and balance.

Blessings and Joy!

Barbara Becker
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