Christmas 2015

As I sit here sipping my warm apple cider, remembering the time in my childhood with Christmas light bulbs outside my bedroom window, a warm and cozy feeling comes over me. Those colored bulbs of blue, green, red and yellow, gave a soft glow of light inside my bedroom through the curtains. I felt the magic and the anticipatory energy in my body as December 25th drew near. Arising on Christmas morning and finding my brothers sitting in the living room around the live decorated pine tree and the bow and ribbon wrapped presents at its base waiting to be ripped apart to reveal themselves as the toys we wanted so much.

Growing up I had many Christmas celebrations and winter season decorating experiences. I was blessed to marry a man who loved to celebrate Christmas as much as I did. We collected ornaments from our twenty plus years of world travel and strategically placed them on the tree each year. Every Christmas Eve, we watched “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas”, sipping hot cocoa with our kitties nestled on the sofa with us. We loved the season so much we spent a week in Disney World, at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. We chose this specifically to experience Christmas at this beautiful hotel which was decorated in it’s finest of the season as the decorating experts of Disney know how. My husband and I signed up for an American Express® special offer that included behind the scenes experiences, such as creating a film image cell with the Disney animation artists. When we arrived to the hotel, we were told out of the six billion people on the planet, we were the only two people who will participate in the AE offer. No one else signed up!

The lobby was decorated with large Christmas trees with glass balls as big as basketballs! Poinsettias plants were arranged everywhere we walked. There even was a gingerbread house over five feet tall. I remember the beautiful sparkling white twinkle lights on the bushes and trees outdoors around the hotel and parking areas. We played on water in water Sprite boats. We played on land in the amusement park rides. We ate dinner at the Victoria & Albert's 5 star restaurant, with our personally assigned wine steward. Considered to be one of the finest dining experiences in the world, the staff surpassed any and all expectations. This is where I learned about the delicious combination of Stilton cheese, poached pears, pound cake and Port. I toured the underground facility and back stage decoration areas. Disney World felt magical as Mickey Mouse promised!

That was then and this is now; divorced, living on a ranch, a simpler and different kind of Christmas celebration. Those beautiful outdoor bulbs from my childhood and Christmas decorations from my travels are in my heart and held by fond memories. The light of God shines from within. The light is brilliant with the love I feel for everyone on the planet, me included. I love God very much and thank Him/Her for all of my experiences in this life and in my past lives. I see and feel the light of God in everyone; all creatures, great and small. It doesn’t matter what experiences we’ve had in our lifetimes, all are worthy and have the inner light shining brightly. I know not everyone has had a joyful Christmas childhood experience. I ask, “Why not?” The answer from my angels and my Higher Self is this:


“Each soul determines their agreements and contracts to experience life in one or more particular manner, before they are born into a family and/or circumstances that match their willingness to learn and remember they are loved no matter what. It is the soul’s journey to the heart where they find and touch the face of God within themselves and eventually, in others and all they see. It is the remembrance that the light of God can never be extinguished because they are God first and foremost, forever and ever without end. It is the most difficult of experiences that carves and creates the most inspirational stories that give hope and strength to another. This Dear One, is the Christmas light you speak of, that lights the way back to the Creator.”


Every life has purpose and is filled with many lessons. All of the lessons are about love and remembering we are love. This is what I reflect upon deep in meditation on Christmas Eve. I send my love and light out over the whole world and onto the entire Cosmos. I merge with the Oneness of All That Is. This is my global gift to you and me. May you always be blessed and know that you are loved beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations.

Christmas Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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