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[This article is part of a series of articles exploring how our spiritual path, the pursuit of Self Realization, extraterrestrial intelligence, Mother Earth’s ascension, and the global changes of creating Heaven on Earth are interwoven. I will share with you how each of us is on the right track in creating a better world for our children and our children’s children.]


Discernment: the ability to judge well [1]. I would like you to ponder how you determine truth for you. How do you know the truth? Do you use a tool to determine whether something someone has told you or what you have read, is the truth? The Universe is filled with truths, half-truths, partial truths, a hint of truth, and lies, full lies, half lies, and out and out lies. And then there are beliefs that are true for a person and not for another. I learned from my angels in a private angel communication session with Jenny Cohen, Angel Therapy® Practitioner, in 2003, that what is important is what I believe. What I believe is what matters. This holds true for everyone. Dr. James Martin Peebles [2] shared with me that everyone’s perspective is true for them. The example he gave me was that truth is just a giant elephant grabbed by the tail and one said, “I found it!”. And the elephant was grabbed by the ear by another person who said, “I found it!”

Some of the tools people use to discern the truth are: Tarot cards, angel cards, pendulums, runes, tea leaves, Turkish coffee stains, ouija boards, and muscle testing. Intuitive resonance is felt in the body rather than processed through the mind. In other words, you receive a communication in the form of goosebumps, a piloerector reflex, and/or tingling sensations in your body. These experiences can occur on just one side of the body or both sides. Half lies can give you a feeling that the information is correct. The truth the liar links to their lie has a clear clean vibration. It’s like a sugar coated pill, easier to swallow and accept as the truth.

Obfuscation is a way to confuse, to evade and be unclear. When medical professionals use medical terminology the patient doesn’t understand, the patient can be persuaded to believe the information, especially when they hold the medical professional in high regard. I have always felt medical professionals who can communicate in layman’s terms are the ones who can be trusted, and their passion, compassion and attention to details shows in their work.

There are people who don’t want to know the truth. It upsets their perception of their reality. When people are presented with what is really going on behind the scenes, fear, grief and anger may arise. These emotions are a normal reaction, and the first step on the journey to a greater awareness. I had feelings of fear every night when I began opening my consciousness about angels and extra sensory perceptions and communications. I talked about my fears in my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. In the beginning, the truth felt unnatural.

Eventually, peace will be established in us as we become acquainted with the truth. We become accustomed to a new reality that is truth. We look for and find others of like mind, based in love, compassion, forgiveness and truth. Positive and uplifting experiences help us to live a life with greater awareness and confirm we are on the right path. We are able to see how the roles we play are creating peace on earth. We understand all is in right order and everything happens for a reason.

Years ago, when I was still learning and perfecting my discernment and listening to my inner guidance, I had an opportunity to put them to the test. Four days before my hysterectomy, I was laying on my bed, alone, in my apartment, hemorrhaging. I asked my angels, “Will I be okay?” I heard, “Yes”. I thought for a moment, and asked myself, “Will I be okay because I did something about the bleeding, like going to the emergency room? or is it because I did nothing about it?” I felt I was at a crossroads. I went with my inner gut feeling that it would be best to have myself checked out at the ER, since it was only a couple of blocks away. I called my estranged husband and he picked me up in his vehicle and took me to the hospital. After the ultrasound test, and while laying on the gurney, I felt a warm sensation come over my entire body. I knew I was receiving a healing. The bleeding stopped. I can see now that the outcome that the angels gave me, would have been the same whether I went to the ER or not. I did not receive any treatment in the ER besides an intravenous saline infusion. This would be equivalent to drinking more water at home. Another point to add here, is that what ever my decision was, both would be correct. And yes, it would be possible that had I not gone to the ER, I could have hemorrhaged to death, except, there was angelic intervention. The angels stopped my bleeding. I will also admit hindsight is 20/20. This is the beauty of life. Oftentimes we need to experience how we walk through a lesson in order to learn from it.

When it comes to determining which action to take, always ask your angels or your Higher Self. I will talk about the Higher Self in a future article. Check with your gut feelings, otherwise known as your intuition, and if you feel the need to seek counsel or advice from someone in the medical field, by all means, do so. There is no right way or wrong way here. Just because a person has a bad experience with one doctor or medical professional, does not mean that all doctors and medical professionals are to be avoided. And likewise, the same for alternative medicine and energy healers. I have had all kinds of experiences with them, and see each as a lesson for myself.

The most important bit of information to take from this is we all need to learn how to use our intuitive skills, so we can determine what is true for us. This is especially true with all the turmoil and untruths being revealed around the world. In the next article I will discuss several tools you can use to help you hone your discernment skills.

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker


[1]Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

[2] Dr. James Martin Peebles is a spirit channeled by trance medium, Summer Bacon.


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