I decided to share this true story because it could benefit people who are struggling with patience. In today’s modern society, through the media programming and shared community consciousness, the instant gratification response can cause us to be impatient when manifestation of what we desire doesn’t occur right away. It is also possible the younger generation who came here to the planet are more in tune with ease and timeliness of receiving what they desire, because their brains are wired in a fashion where less of the barrier to the Divine exists. Although the layers between the dimensions are thinning, we are stepping into the fifth dimension realities more often and more easily, each person needs to check in with their Higher Self/Inner Self to determine if patience is one of the lessons they signed up for to learn on the Earth plane. For those who struggle with patience, I write this article. For those who love to read about fun manifesting, I write this article for you too.

Certainly, patience was one of the lessons I asked to learn. I even had a special angel assigned to me to learn patience. It took years to learn. Why? Because I have a thick skull so to speak and sometimes we need to experience the lesson over and over to master it. At one point years ago, my patience angel said goodbye. She said I learned the lesson and if at any time I needed help in this area, all I had to do is call upon her and she would come to assist. And she did from time to time.

I didn’t request my patience angel when I sold my sewing machine to make room for a new one. I received a Pfaff Creative 1471 machine for Christmas from husband in 1986. This machine provided many years of wonderful service and enjoyment for nearly thirty years. In 2015 I sold the Creative 1471 to a woman who answered my Craigslist post.

I had seen the new Pfaff Performance 5.0 sewing machine demonstrated at a 2012 sewing and craft exposition in Phoenix, Arizona. The machine was pricey, however, I set my intention on acquiring the machine someday. I even placed a picture of it on my vision board. Along with the request to the Universe to bring this new machine into my reality, I said the words; “this or something greater or better”.

A year rolled around and the Performance 5.0 was still not in my life. After contemplation of where I’m at and what I really need, I decided to modify my manifestation request. My mending pile was growing and I had a couple of sewing projects I wanted to complete. I love creating and stimulating the right side of my brain. This type of activity enhances our communication with Spirit, the Higher Self and God. I decided I really didn’t need all the bells and whistles the Performance 5.0 offers. Instead, I asked for the most appropriate sewing machine for me, preferably Pfaff (my favorite brand), and a model between what I had and the the Performance 5.0 I wanted, at the perfect price, at the perfect moment, in Divine Timing and Divine Order. If the perfect machine is to be the newest model on the market, then so be it. And then, I left it up to the Universe to provide.

I didn’t obsess about it. I didn’t talk about it. I let the angels and the Higher Power do the work behind the scenes. I got on with my life. There were other lessons to work on. This means I trusted and had faith that the perfect sewing machine will come into my life when I’m ready to receive it. Believe it and receive it.

Here it is, August 2017. My friend asked me out of the blue to go with her to a well established second hand furniture store down the road from us. I had an inkling (intuition) that this was a message for me. Although I wasn’t interested in buying furniture, its fun to look at what is available out there. As we say in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session modality, anything is possible. I love adventures.

We spent an hour looking at the furniture in the huge warehouse. We saw couches, china cabinets, chairs, lamps, recliners, dining tables and bed mattresses both new and used. Then, my friend walked over to a case on the wall with books. From the corner of her eye, she saw a sewing machine for sale. Not just any sewing machine, a Pfaff! She came and got me, “Barb, check out the sewing machine!” I walked over to it and saw the name; Pfaff Performance 2056. Next to the machine was a clear plastic bag with the owners manual, a container of bobbins filled with thread, and a box of sewing machine pressor feet- 3-4 of the same type! The outer casing of the machine was in pristine condition. It was obvious the previous owner cared for this machine very well. What stunned us the most was the price; less than forty dollars. I figured it would be worth it to have the machine checked out by a Pfaff service technician. If the machine was a lemon, I’d be out only forty bucks. I was willing to gamble. However, being a trance channel, I decided to acquire this sewing machine through what I call “sacred commerce”. I checked in with my Higher Self. I closed my eyes. I barely got the words out in my mind about this sewing machine and if it is meant for me, when I heard in a very loud voice, “This is why we wanted you to come here today!!!” I laughed. It was the only sewing machine in the building.

When I took the machine outside of the building after purchase, I cleared the energy of the machine and accessories with white light. Just as I did that, a “dust devil” burst of wind blew through the area I stood and a door with several locks on it blew open and closed. This was confirmation of the clearing and that a door opened from Spirit for the manifestation of my sewing machine.

Tip 1: When an item is acquired from someone else, whether it is purchased or donated to you, clear the energy from the previous owner by saying out loud, “White Light” while tapping it with your closed fist knuckle, with the intention of sending the light through the object.

It gets better! I placed the machine in the sewing machine service department of a fabric store here in Phoenix. From the supporting documentation that came with the owners manual, this particular machine was purchased at this store. While the machine was in the shop, I held the intention that it is in perfect order. After a week, I received a phone call from the technician who examined the 2056. He reported the machine is in pristine condition. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with this machine.” He asked if I’d like a machine cleaning and oiling to be done. I agreed because this will place the machine at baseline for me in regard to regular yearly maintenance, plus it provides a deeper energetic cleaning. When I picked up my new Pfaff at the store, I had to come up to speed with the new features, so I requested and graciously received a lesson on how to use the technology of this computerized sewing machine. I took the machine home and began sewing with it. It sews like a dream!

Tip 2: When you are in the middle of a manifestation process, an upcoming surgical/medical procedure, a test result, etc., hold the highest intention with the best outcome. The Universe will give you what you focus on. It works!

The point of this story illustrates on the Earth plane, it may take time to manifest what we need and desire. It took a couple of years, and at the very least took a year for me to manifest the sewing machine after I modified my request of the Universe. This required patience on my part. It also required faith, trust and belief it will happen, if it is meant to be. The fun part of manifesting is realizing and experiencing how the object or situation comes about. What are the odds of a sewing machine being located in a second hand furniture store, the only sewing machine in the store, my favorite brand of sewing machine and at the most amazing price? Odds are in relation to the location on the planet and the circumstances the Universe will use to put the manifestation into motion. We just have to be open to how and when it will occur.

After the sewing machine came into my reality, I gave thanks to God, my angels and my Higher Self to make this dream come true. I gave thanks to myself for being patient and trusting the perfect sewing machine will show up for me. Knowing everything holds consciousness, I thanked the sewing machine and I sent blessings and gratitude to the woman who owned the machine and put it out into the world for someone else to acquire and enjoy in creating. 

Tip 3: After you acquire what you manifest, give gratitude and blessings to all involved in the transaction, production and procurement of the item. Give gratitude and bless all who are involved in the situations you want with the greatest and best outcome. Gratitude is the magnet of manifestation.

Considering the price, the small service charge and the free sewing machine lesson, I think I did okay manifesting a sewing machine that originally cost much more than what I paid. It took time and patience for this manifestation. We can apply this example to other lessons in patience, such as acquiring information from the Higher Self regarding our Earth journey, a soul mate to come into our life, a healing of an ailment in our body, or a job offer to come through. Everything is in its perfect timing. We need to just get out of the way and let it happen. I hope you can apply your own patience, belief and trust for your dreams to come true.   

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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