As a QHHT® practitioner, I facilitated this session about a year ago. I am sharing a portion of my client’s session. My client is in her forties. We will call her Melanie (not her real name). When she walked from her car, her eyes looked downward with a look of fatigue on her face. We spent some time helping Melanie to become adjusted to the soothing energies in my office. She did not sleep well the night before. We will use her insomnia to our advantage during the hypnosis. Being tired from lack of sleep means the client is able to relax very easily and quickly.

Born to an extremely dysfunctional family, without morals, ethics, or healthy boundaries, Melanie has had severe emotional, mental and physical abuse since childhood. She was programmed at an early age that she was worthless. Melanie cried during the telling of her life story. Crying is very healing for the soul. We went through her life in five and ten year increments, to make it as gentle as possible for her. Significant medical history includes multiple heart attacks in the past and a head injury from a motor vehicle accident. With neuro-cognitive retraining, physical therapy, and speech therapy, she made a complete recovery, however, there is some residual discomfort in her back.

Melanie came to me without questions. She couldn’t form any questions, so we worked together and came up with a list based on her life experiences. Melanie has a concern that something or someone pulls her back every time she starts to get ahead and positive in life. It’s as if someone pulls the rug out from under her and this causes her to focus on the negative.

Melanie expresses good insight into the metaphysical reasons for her ailments. In the prep for the hypnosis, I spoke with Melanie and told her stories to help her understand herself. We talked about Dolores Cannon and her life. We laughed about the experiences in life in general that we all share. I work the stories I tell to plant the seeds and help the client gain insight. This is what Dolores did for her clients, as shared by Laura Casto, who received a QHHT® session from Dolores Cannon which resulted in Laura’s Stage IV metastatic cancer dissolving. Melanie read my QHHT® session stories book, Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered, and she said she trusted me. This is encouraging. Trust is crucial because it is the foundation for a successful session experience. The client must trust the practitioner and themselves.

Past Life

Melanie finds herself watching a man with a Khaki colored shirt mowing the grass with a red and orange gas powered lawnmower. She is a six month old baby sitting up in a nearby field of grass. In the next scene she is an eagle gliding through the air. She then goes into another scene where she is a gray extraterrestrial being from the Orion constellation, stroking the neck of a giraffe with its three fingers. Marion then finds herself in a spaceship with blinking red lights, flying through the Milky Way galaxy. She is content. We leave Melanie as an ET, happily flying through the cosmos, while I ask to speak with her Higher Self…

Ego Interference

Her ego interferes. I chat with the ego who doesn’t know why it is coming forward. With deeper inquiry, the ego is worried about the information will be revealed.

Ego: This is so sad.

Barbara: Would you like her to feel better?

Ego: Yes

Barbara: The Higher Self can help her with this. Would you please merge with the Higher Self?

Ego: Yes

Barbara: Thank you

This little chat helps the ego to settle down. Before Melanie contacted me for a QHHT® session, she had done her inner child trauma work to build trust in herself. The hard work paid off. The ego needs to know it can trust. I asked for the highest expression of Melanie to come forward. My request is granted.

Higher Self

The Higher Self comes through with a different authoritative voice. I am guided to ask for the body scan and healing to be done first. The body scan takes less than ten seconds.

The Higher Self cleared all the trauma from the sacral chakra. This included trauma from past lives. Her thoughts of unworthiness are causing blisters on her skin. This is also from her diet of too much processed food and not taking her supplements consistently. She needs a plant based diet. She knows how to do cellular memory cleansing. Melanie will notice a grounded feeling and from that, she will experience an awakening of her kundalini energy and this is okay. We send healing through the DNA lineage of the ancestors for healing of the sacral chakra area because the Higher Self said this has been an ancestral program running.

The Throat Chakra:

She’s been afraid. She needs to speak her truth, no matter what. Melanie will be talking with people about surviving and healing. People are drawn to her and will feel healing. Her neck discomfort is connected to her speaking her truth. It’s up to her; speak truth, and the discomfort disappears.

She needs to meditate twice a day. She needs to be in nature and connect with Gaia’s grid. Even just walking out in her backyard, placing her barefoot on a rock will connect her with the grid. It’s simple. She is connected to Mother Earth. She needs to stop watching television in her bed. Decrease amount of time on her computer to about four hours per day. She needs to write her book. The Higher Self helped her to become more focused on writing a book.

For her back pain she is to reach out for support. “Just ask! We will come to her. We are listening. We will know.”


No brain injury is found. We just shut down the left brain because she needs the right brain more. She channels consistently. She channels healing just by talking with people. The headaches are being addressed and adjustments are being done.


She’s in rage. This is what happens when she doesn’t want to see. We are fixing her vision so she can see more normal. She needs to rest her eyes. She needs to go to her eye doctor and have an exam. Then exam results will show increased acuity. She chose her parents to make her who she is, as she will assist others in her future. She chose them. They were part of her training.

Although she has forgiven her parents, we did forgiveness work in the hypnosis, to help her forgive herself. She is to start talking with people. Remind her how she holds her body and healthy boundaries. She has a tendency to allow her energy to be drained. The Higher Self will help her understand this more when she listens to her recording.

Emotional Attachments:

We discovered three emotional attachments in the heart chakra area. Two are disembodied spirits and one is an extraterrestrial from the constellation, Draco.

The first disembodied spirit attached at age twelve. This spirit does not have a name, however it is described as a male, black in color with spikes. It is acting like an energy vampire. Melanie and this spirit have had past lives together as friends. This is causing her “pull back” sensation of not going forward in her life.

The second disembodied spirit is a female named Clara. Clara drowned in a past life and attached to Melanie while Melanie was still in her mother’s womb. Her mother’s drug and alcohol abuse enabled the attachment. Clara is causing Melanie’s fatigue by draining her life force energy.

The third attachment is a male Draco that attached to Melanie a millennium ago when Melanie separated from Source. Melanie has been feeding her life force energy to this extraterrestrial for a very long time.

The purpose of these attachments is to help Melanie to stand in her power and keep her power. Now that Melanie no longer needs these energy draining entities, her Higher Self removed them very easily. As we know everything is God, the Higher Self sent the attachments into the Light. As they left, we extended our love and gratitude for the service they provided in teaching Melanie about standing in her power and truth. She remembers she is the Beloved.

We must remember nothing happens to us, everything happens for us, for our learning and growth. If we can embrace this perspective, our struggles and challenges become golden treasures.

Melanie left my office, laughing, with her head held up, energized with joy.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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