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This week the angels spoke of abundance, our spiritual being and how we create our lessons to learn our Divine state of being, we are spirits having a human experience.

Although we think we know what direction we are heading and we have our plans all laid out, our life can change.

Two months before I quit my job at an insurance company in 2003, I suddenly felt the urge to clean out my desk and drawers in my cubicle. I paid attention to this feeling and stream lined my files. I had an inner knowing something was about to change. In the morning, two days after I quit, I received a message from my Higher Self while waking up from my sleep. The voice I heard said, “It is time. It is time to do what you came here for.” I could feel my heart chakra expand and I cried tears of joy. I had just made the decision to perform angel readings, Reiki treatments and classes for people. I also decided to offer my form of channeled healing for people. The idea of sharing these gifts with people, in service, felt wonderful. I began my private practice as a healer.

In mid-2004, although the Reiki classes, readings and channeled healings were being given, they did not generate enough money to support myself. I felt I had to return to the insurance industry for additional income. In July, I asked God for a job, and I received it the next month and was hired during the interview. The supervisor who hired me intuitively knew I was a healer. She wanted me to be there.

In the Spring of 2005, when the gas prices began to escalate and the driving distance to my job was more than thirty miles each way, I asked God for an insurance job closer to my home. I manifested a new job within twelve hours. I was hired on the spot for a job at an insurance company within 5 miles of my home. I worked there for nine months.
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In late 2006, following my soul’s sacred dream, I bought a small house and began another private healing practice and teaching Reiki. Once again, the income was still not at a comfortable level. I asked God for another insurance job. This one came in two months. After working in this insurance job for nine months, I opened a medical aesthetic practice that utilized my channeled healings for clients. As we all remember, the economy changed very quickly in 2008. I closed my medical aesthetic practice after just five months.

When I asked God for a job, all doors were closed. Although I applied, not one employer would accept me. The answer was the same from each, “You are over qualified.” One manager said, “She’s a light worker.” God and the Universe was trying to tell me something, “No more insurance work!” My house was sold in a short sale. I moved in with my parent’s home.

Just when I thought things could not get worse, I caused a head-on collision with my vehicle. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Now I had no job, no vehicle, no money. My inner knowing gave me cause to ask God, “What’s next?” God has plans for me. I had to be patient and let my life unfold. Watch for the signs. Go inward. Listen.

And then it happened. I met my soul mate in traffic school! We fell in love and I moved to his twenty acre ranch northwest of Phoenix, Arizona. We spent the summer in Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Life was beautiful.

In 2009, I decided to not pursue a healing practice anymore. I literally gave up. I surrendered. But God, still had other plans for me. I received two messages from spirit that I was to write a book, my autobiography. I could not take one step forward until that book was written. My angels told me when the book is written, all will be provided. And they were right.

As I began the editing preparation of the book, God provided another insurance job for me. This is where the money for the book publishing was manifested. I moved to Phoenix and published the book. I restarted my healing practice and channeled messages for clients. When I left the last insurance job, I spoke with God. “God, I will never go back to the insurance industry as an employee, ever again. I am your channel for the healing you provide for all of us. Please guide me God, to be of service to others.”

As a channel for God’s love, light, truth, beauty and inspiration, angel communicator and Angel Tarot Card Reader®, I love my work. It doesn’t feel like work. I feel joy in helping people feel better about their struggles. The transformative healing that I channel has worked miracles for some people. For others, pain and fear vanish. In my angel readings, I share the tools needed to go forward in resolving conflicts and hardships. Through my psychic skills, I help people connect with their loved ones who have crossed over.

The story of my life is God’s Divine plan of abundance for me. What is yours?
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