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When we find ourselves in situations that are uncomfortable, we must remember, they don’t last forever. There’s a good reason the situation presents to us. Most likely it’s a lesson for us to learn from. The lesson most likely will be about self love.

I’ve been told by clients with back pain, their vertebral bones move into alignment and the pain disappears, without me touching their bodies. One day while eating lunch at a local restaurant, my server told me about his low back pain. He also shared with me about his sister and brother-in-law who were in jail for a one-year sentence because of their involvement with illegal drugs. The waiter made room in his small apartment for his two nieces, ages eight and thirteen. He had offered to watch over the two girls while their parents completed their jail terms. The waiter also had plans to move to Hawaii where a job laying carpet was waiting for him when the family obligation concluded.

In her book, Heal Your Body, Lousie L. Hay, shares that the lumbar spine area is where the problem with finances can show up as pain. Think of the skeleton as our support system for our bodies and our life. When we have insecurities about money, we feel unsupported. Low back pain can arise due to distortion regarding financial stability. When we are focused on pain, we lose our joy and pleasure in living because we are limited in our activities and our outlook sours.

The waiter lived modestly and now with the nieces with him, his salary was stretched further. He loved his nieces and wanted to establish a supportive and caring environment. This is what loving families do. The waiter did not judge his sister and brother-in-law. He understood they made a mistake and were now “paying” for their mis-guided actions.

When the waiter brought my meal to the table, I offered him a healing. He understood immediately because his mother works with crystals and was a metaphysical person. He responded with, “Oh yes!” We held hands while he stood beside my table, and I sat in the booth. We closed our eyes and the energy ran through my body into his. This session took about twenty seconds in duration. I thanked my guide who watches over my healing work. Very quietly, the waiter said, “Amen.”

While I was eating my meal, I watched the waiter with his customers at the next table. While writing down the orders, his pen flew up in the air and landed on the floor next to his feet. He bent over to pick up the pen without a wince of pain. I asked my guide, “Did the healing work?” The reply was yes. When I returned to this restaurant the following week, the same waiter told me his back pain was completely gone.

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The waiter also shared with me that another customer who witnessed my twenty second channeled healing, had complained to the manager that we were praying in a restaurant. The manager forbid the waiter from praying again. Although we were not praying, it appeared to the other customer that we were. The waiter was concerned about his job. I told him, “Not to worry, this too shall pass.” The waiter moved to Hawaii. Four years later, the restaurant closed.

This story illustrates the uncomfortable experiences we find ourselves in, change. The waiter’s back pain and restaurant server job went away. The waiter’s worry about losing his job went away. The complaining customer went away. The restaurant went away. When we remember, in the moment of difficult situations, these moments do not last forever. We all have been given the gift of courage and changing our perspective, from deep within our soul. We all have the ability to change. It’s just a matter of tapping into our inner power and love for ourselves.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker 


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