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It seems that fear of the unknown is what stops a lot of us from trying something new. Whether it’s our jobs or our relationships with friends and family. Even though we are learning that fear of the unknown is just our ignorance of what lies before us, we still hold ourselves back. What would be causing this? It’s the fear of ourselves. We fear our own power. We’ve been conditioned to think we deserve less and that we can only do so much. We place limits on our dreams, our abilities and our creations. If we can only trust that what is on the other side of the door, is what we've been looking for all along. 

How can we break through this self defeating and limiting thought and state of being? Here are three suggestions:

1. Be willing to try something you never experienced before. When I received my first energy healing I described in my book, Enclosure- A Spiritual Autobiography, my friend Gabrielle gave me an instantaneous healing without medication or any other modality in Western medicine. This experience literally flipped my wig!

2. Listening to the nudging from your soul. When I read Ann Alber’s email message to me about a spiritual tai chi class she was attending, I felt a strong desire to introduce myself to a form of tai chi that helps a person tap into their inner power and transcend their most difficult of experiences. This tai chi transformed my whole life in the most positive and inspirational way. Now, I teach this spiritual form of tai chi to others!

3. Surrender to God’s love. Trusting in God, you automatically trust in yourself. When I found myself on a flight from Arizona to California within ninety minutes of finding out my healing services were requested, I didn’t understand why I had to give up my appointments and a planned workshop I was giving in Phoenix. However, in that same moment, I told God, “While I may not understand why at this time, I do know I will understand by the time I fly back to Arizona.” Two weeks later, I found out a miracle was performed through my healing services for a friend in California.

I chose to trust myself instead of stagnating in my fear of the unknown. If I had not trusted myself to step up to the calling of my soul, I would have missed out on these opportunities of growth, healing, and to be of service to another soul. What are you holding yourself back from? Are you ready to trust yourself and God, that behind the door before you, lies your destiny and perhaps your greatest gift to humanity.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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