When things don’t work out the way you had hoped for, it could be a gem in disguise. Part of life is the contrast of positives and negatives. Our joys and our sorrows. In the human form, we are meant to experience the whole spectrum of emotions in order to grow spiritually on our path.

Disappointment can present itself in the form of not trusting yourself, sadness from the loss of a loved one, focusing on the negatives of a situation or person, or changes coming about when you didn’t want change in the first place. You were in a nice place, everything was working with you and now it’s the exact opposite and you feel totally out of your comfort zone. Welcome to soul growth. This is good. It really is!

We grow the most when we are out of our comfort zone. We gain experience, knowledge and wisdom. Disappointment is painful and it’s a form of trying to control the past, just like worry. It’s a state of lower vibration. We can’t shine our light and love when we are in a victim mentality. We are at a point where we have lost faith in everyone, ourselves and God. We are no longer living in our heart.

How can we change our disappointment to a lesson of joy and appreciation?

1. Realize our disappointment and pain are teachers. These states of being are saying something to us and about us. Ask yourself what is this really all about? Am I trying to hold onto someone who is ready to leave and venture further on their journey without my participation? Can I let the butterfly launch into flight from my hand? Can I let go?

2. Understand that everything and every situation happens for a reason and you were the one who chose the situation in the first place. For the loved one that has “left you” in divorce, death, disease or distance, allow yourself to grieve for a certain amount of time, take time to heal and realize your loved one has not really left you. They are with you in the spirit realm and other dimensions. When my boyfriend and I left each other after an afternoon date, we could literally “feel” each other, energetically, right in front of us! As the veil of separation is lifted while we are transcending to the fourth and fifth dimensions, you will feel and see spirits. This is nothing to be afraid of. The spirits are your loved ones and friends. Focus on the positive and you will have positive people around you.

3. Feeling disappointment is a wake up call to help you choose what to focus on. If you want to be happy and healthy, then choose positive thoughts and actions. If you are alone, reach out and connect with others of like mind of happiness and positive attitudes. Reach out in service to help another person. Charitable acts give us a sense of purpose and joy.

4. If you can’t get out of your disappointment, then seek help from a counselor, family, friends or a healer. Talking through your experience with a person who will lend an ear is therapeutic. You may hear a fresh perspective that will turn you 180 degrees in a positive direction.

You can’t change the past. It’s done. This is now. Focus on what you are doing now to touch the world with your grace and beauty. Give yourself a pat on the back for the challenging situations you have walked through and will experience in the future. You are growing and God is pleased with your progress. Everyday, in every breath, you are a new person. The cells in your body die and new cells are born. This very fact gives you the reason you can change your attitude and perspective about anything. Why not choose to learn from disappointment and transform your sorrow into a lesson of growth and change. You deserve to be happy.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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