Salt mines


When I was in Peru on a sacred journey with six other women and a shaman, my life lesson of trust came up several times. One was about having enough money to return home to America. Another lesson in trust was about having enough stamina required for hiking at high altitudes. The life lesson in trust I will focus on in this article is about being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Have you ever been stranded? Wondering if you’ll ever get back to where you’re from? On the dirt road leading to and from the mountain side salt mines in Maras, our tour bus broke down. We were located on a desolated area. The Andes mountains were in the distance, majestically situated on the horizon, providing a stunning backdrop for our path. I noticed we had passed a couple of barefoot Peruvians walking with burros along the road. When our tour guide announced our bus had sustained a broken gas line, the shaman took this opportunity to give a talk about esoteric concepts of the feminine divine.

Instead of panicking about our dilemma, I fantasized we would travel back to town on burros. Where would the number of burros come from to transport our group, I did not know. I figured they would magically appear, as humans help one another in times of disaster and vehicle troubles. Surely, the loving indigenous people of Peru would help us. I did not fear, I trusted we would be taken care of. And we were. The bus driver repaired the gas line and we were on our way within twenty minutes. Anything could have happened to that gas line that would have prevented a repair to take place. Instead, the Universe provided for us, through this gift of an easy and relatively speedy repair.

If I had not trusted that all was in Divine Order and timing, with purpose, stress hormones would have raced through my blood vessels, causing unnecessary strain on my body. The stress from panicking would have prevented me from enjoying the shaman’s impromptu lecture, because my thoughts would have been focused elsewhere. And from this situation, I was able to appreciate what a beautiful place to receive education, outdoors, with no distractions of city life around us. How Divine!

What can we learn from this experience?

1. Staying in a state of calm and serenity creates and maintains physical and emotional health.

2. Appreciate the moment the experience is given to us, no matter how it is delivered.

3. The Universe responds to our thoughts and state of being.

If you find yourself stranded and wondering what will happen next, trust you will be taken care of. All of your needs will be met beyond your greatest expectations.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker 

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