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For my newsletter, the Angels gave us a powerful message this week about walking through our most challenging lessons and what they really mean. Even though some of our experiences are painful and difficult for us, they are meant to strengthen our resolve and help us understand ourselves as creators of our reality and learn to love ourselves.

How we perceive our reality it up to us. We can continue to feel like victims of our circumstances or we can stand back up, dust off our pants, and walk forth in our greatness, having learned that no one and nothing can diminish our light. We all have the light burning deep within us. Through the journey to the heart and learning self love, we bring the light to the surface and allow it to shine forth, outward in all directions. Our aura expands and becomes brilliant and perfected.

How do we learn self love?

1. Through meditation and inward seeking. We have all the answers within us.

2. Forgiving ourselves of every wrong committed by us and to us.

3. Changing our defeating and loathing self talk to positive and uplifting affirmations of existence.

4. Louise Hay offers a wonderful practice of looking in the mirror each morning and night and saying to ourselves, “I love you!”

5. Through our relationships we learn our acceptance and rejection of our expressed, authentic self. Gathering personal relationships that are positive and supportive to us. Understanding the negative and non-supportive relationships help us to reveal ourselves.

6. Facing our truth, no matter how repulsive, and forgiving ourselves again.

7. Being grateful for everything. This is the basis of our happiness.

8. Not caring about what others think about us. It’s none of our business anyway.

We came here to learn on the school called Planet Earth. We signed up for the toughest lessons because we are masters of our personal Universe. There are souls lined up waiting to come here, so they can grow in spirit too. You won the lottery, so to speak, to come to Earth in the human experience. Now, what are you doing to learn self love?

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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