Thinking of You

When you think of the world, do you think it’s a scary place or do you think of it as a good and safe place with infinite potential for love, abundance and wellbeing? Our thoughts create everything. Our thoughts affect everything and everyone. Thoughts are packets of energy that we send out to the Universe.

When our thoughts are about turmoil, fear and anger, the Universe will echo that back to us. I used to be a person who commiserated with others about the bad things happening in the world. There is a saying going around out there and it says this: “The world is going down the toilet”. I know you can imagine what goes down our toilets. When we say and think that the world is full of “you-know-what”, then that shapes our reality, our feelings and our life in general. What I just described is a negative frame of mind, filled with negative thoughts.

Are you aware your thoughts affect the whole planet and everyone on and in it? How is this possible? Because we are all connected as One. There is no separation between anything or anyone. I know this because I’ve experienced the Oneness twice in my life. It was an awesome realization that nothing and no one is separate from one another and everything and everyone is connected to each other.

If I told you, that you were asked to come here to planet Earth, to help in the ascension process, why would you even consider causing any form of destructive thought creation for our dear planet? The ascension process is about loving ourselves and loving one another. It’s also about loving our Creator for giving us the opportunity to be of service to Mother Earth, while we work on our lessons, release our karmic debts, and create Heaven on Earth. Our planet Earth is our mother. She provides air for us to breathe, soil to grow our food, and water to nourish and cleanse our bodies and cells. And this is just a smidgeon of what she provides for us.

We meditate and clean our energy field everyday through rituals taught by those who have walked the path before us and from downloads of information and techniques given to us from our angels, Ascended Masters and star beings. Keeping our thoughts based in love, compassion and forgiveness, will transmute the “you-know-what” in the world into a beautiful place and vibration. It takes work, I know. The more we practice and live the embodiment of the Divine, the easier it becomes.


For example, when we connect to the light and love of God/Creator Source, and bring it down into our bodies and energy fields, through request and allowance, we fill ourselves with a higher vibration. The higher vibration attracts more of the qualities we seek, mainly love, abundance, wonderful healthy relationships and wellness. At the same time, when we connect to the love, support and profound caring of Mother Earth, we are filled with more of the high vibration. As above, so below, we become the conduit for love, compassion and forgiveness. We no longer see the world as a place of strife and struggle. It becomes and is a place of beauty, grace and ease. How cool is that?

What are your thoughts? Are they loving? Are they forgiving? Are they filled with gratitude for all our Mother Earth has provided for us? We owe a sincere bounty of thanks for all mothers. God bless us All.

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker

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