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As we walk our way up the Levels of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force, we are now at the level of desire. The type of desire that I’m referring to, is not the heart’s desire for your career, relationships and best health. This type of desire involves cravings, addictions, being focused on materialism and consumerism. The vibration at this level is 125. On the consciousness scale of 20-700, I think you will agree its still a pretty low rate to be vibrating at.

When we crave something intensely, whether its food, drugs, sex, or alcohol, the craving is a sign of being needy of something external that will fill or fix a perceived lack within us. I came upon this realization one evening when I was craving chocolate. Chocolate to me, is one of my “comfort foods”. I took it a step further and asked myself, “What is it that I’m not already feeling and being comfortable about?”  I meditated on this and discovered my life is changing again. From my experience and training, I knew that we grow the most when we are out of our comfort zone. Just being aware of the underlying cause of the craving, gave me strength to choose a healthier alternative for this particular experience. I say this, because I still eat chocolate because I do love the taste and it is grounding. I’m just more aware of why I’m eating the chocolate and there isn’t a sense of craving attached to it.

We hear each other say at times, “You’re going through a stressful situation, have some comfort food.” Perhaps it was our grandmother in our childhood, who gave us a cookie or piece of pie to help us to feel better. We associate feeling better with that cookie and that chocolate pecan pie. And do I know how easy it is to cave into the comfort food! It gives us a temporary feeling of goodness and that everything is going to be alright. It could be that we just forgot that all is in right order, in the first place.

Desire applied to materialism is the constant or almost constant need to identify our comfort and self worth with objects we purchase whether we need them or not. We become preoccupied with our possessions more than with our spiritual or intellectual concepts and practices. People who have survived a Category 5 tornado or their home burning down to the ground, face this form of truth. They come to terms very quickly about what is really important in life. When we are preoccupied with the attachment to objects, and lose them, our view of life is one of disappointment. This disappointment fosters the victim mentality, and blocks our greatness.

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What does desire teach us on our spiritual journey? What comes to mind is moderation; moderation in all things, behaviors and activities. Finding the balance between what is necessary and what is a luxury or addiction, is a lesson to master. Desire requires us to check inside with our inner guru about life choices. Do we really need that object? Does it bring us profit and benefits to us, and others? Are we attempting to not face our truth, and instead, hide in the addictive behavior? It is a conscious decision to change, and we are all capable of change.

As I have stated in previous articles in this series about the Levels of Consciousness, there are therapists, energy workers, counselors, and techniques found in books, that can facilitate the removal of addictions, cravings and desires that keep us in the lower vibrations. The goal is to recognize the desire and transcend the levels of consciousness to one of balance, harmony and bliss. It takes work and that is why we are here to experience on Mother Earth. If you can see that your struggles and challenges are part of the process in returning to an enlightened awareness, you are more than half way home.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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