We all came from Spirit or what I call Beyond Beyond. God created us in the stars. We didn’t just come to Earth as humans. We are multidimensional and we are infinite. We came here for many reasons. We came here to learn lessons in love. We come from that place where we are One and expanded in consciousness of the Almighty. We are part of the greater whole of what is beyond the universes.

We are given a human body to inhabit and experience life in a very tough school called planet Earth. We are given and we agreed to a set of life experiences that include who will be our family, our friends, our foes, and so forth, so we can learn all about love. The very fact that you are here, means you were brave enough to come. There are souls that are too scared to come.

Why would we want to learn about love and what is the purpose? The Creator placed a veil of remembrance over us. In other words, we forgot where we came from and that we are One with God. We forgot the Divine is within us. Most of us forgot our past lives. In addition, God gave us free will. We have the freedom to make choices, to establish and change our beliefs, and to blaze our life journey. We agreed with other souls to help them balance their karma, learn more about themselves and to learn to love themselves. In turn, they did the same for us. We repeat this dance over and over, until we become liberated. Then there is more learning on higher levels in other planes of existence. The learning, creating and loving never stops!

The purpose of our life is to return to God, the Creator, with no karma, and in realization that we are God, the Creator. We are what we are looking for. There never has been a place to get to. It’s here, right now. God is experiencing life through us. No matter what we are doing, creating and perceiving our life, it’s perfect.

How can suffering be perfect? Suffering can be a method of paying karmic debt from another lifetime. I have observed people with the most excruciating painful experiences, have later become our wisest teachers of love and forgiveness. One can literally feel the Divine emanating from these teachers. It can be felt in their writing and their voices. We are drawn to them, because we want to learn from their perspective. After all, the hardest lessons yield the most profound insights.

We don’t have to become famous. Our small but appreciated service to one another has purpose, because in essence, we are serving God. Our relationship with God/Creator Source is our purpose. How are we balancing our karma? How are we creating Heaven on Earth, deep within us, by forgiving and loving ourselves?


Blessings and Joy!

Barbara Becker


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