Flow of life

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you thought they would. You may find yourself scratching your head, “Gee whiz, what happened here?” Schedules change, people are interrupted, complications arise. Any number of reasons can affect the outcome of your plans. Are you able to step back for a moment and realize there’s probably a very good reason?

When my friend, Penny, called me from California, in 2004, asking me to jump on the next flight to San Jose, I put aside my plans to facilitate a spiritual workshop and postponed appointments with clients. Why would I do this? Penny had foot surgery four days prior and developed a severe complication. She asked for my ability to help her in healing. She knew her predicament was serious and she desired hands on assistance and guidance. Of course I would go. At the same time, I didn’t know how long my services would be required out in California.

In the next ninety minutes, I was seated on a SouthWest Airline flight from SkyHarbor Airport, asking God, “Why are you having me changing my plans?” And just as soon as I asked this question, I said to myself, “By the time this is done, I will know the answer.” Now, I could settle into the present task at hand.

For Penny, her life changed after the elective surgery, because of an unexpected complication of bleeding inside her foot. She asked me, “Why did this happen?” I told her, “Sometimes things don’t go as we had planned. Even though your surgeon performed the surgery competently and carefully, complications can occur. Things just happen. We don’t have control over these situations. The best we can do is to walk through it with grace.”

My job was to help her heal and guide her attitude in the most positive way. I already knew from my claircognizance, that she would have a good outcome. I reminded her that she already knew this too, because she asked me to come. She didn’t understand how my healing abilities work, nor did she need to. Since I don’t do the actual healing, my job is to be the channel for the physicians and beings of light on the other side who work through me.

A miracle occurred while I channeled the healing for her foot. Her surgeon found the evidence of this miracle during the emergency surgery he performed on her foot. The details of the miracle are revealed in my book, “Enclosure- A Spiritual Autobiography”. Penny made a complete recovery. While I was out in California, another spiritual healer performed in my place at the workshop back in Arizona. There have been times when I have filled in for others when they couldn't meet an obligation. 

For Penny and me, our lives didn’t go as planned during the two weeks I was with her. Or did it? Perhaps, she was meant to have that complication as a lesson her soul signed up for in this lifetime. For me, everything turned out just fine. I was fulfilling my Divine Life Purpose. I was able to experience one of the miracles that occur with my channeling for clients. Now, I understand when my life doesn’t go as planned, there is a good reason for it. It’s more important to just be in the moment and go with the flow of life, and be grateful for who we are.
Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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