Back in Catholic elementary school, I was told we are assigned a Guardian Angel that watches over us and this angel is there to help us when we are in trouble. We were told to give it a name. And that was that. No more mention about angels in religious education. A little bit odd, would you say, for religious teachers and nuns, to not explore more about angels, even though they are depicted in the art of our school books, and the decorations inside the church.

Maybe that was all I was to know at the time. I grew up and then awakened in 1997 to the presence of angels in my reality. This realization came from a “Meet Your Guardian Angel” play shop with angel communicator, Ann Albers. I share this transformational story in my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. Through meditation, I learned the real name of my guardian angel, and I saw a visual image too. The name of my angels wasn’t even close to the name I had given it as a child. That’s okay, I got over it. As I gazed upon my angel, I noticed I could not figure out its gender. Looking humanoid and gentle, for my comfort and understanding, my guardian angel demonstrated its sense of humor by posing for me in several positions.

In learning how to communicate with angels, I shared in my book they are indeed assigned to us. They have amazing abilities to protect us and nudge us in the right direction. They honor our free will, by allowing us to make our mistakes and errors in judgment, however, they also see the bigger picture from a higher perspective. The know the potentials, the probabilities, the possible outcomes, and still allow us to experience our journey here on Earth in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. Our guardian angels never leave us. They are with us when we work, when we play, when we take a shower or bath, and when we sleep. Much like a doctor or nurse that has seen the best and the worst in human behavior and consequences, our angels love us very much, unconditionally. They are prepared, and that’s why nothing shocks them.

Did you notice it appears I’m not talking just about Guardian Angels here? There’s something similar in characteristics from the ethers, the other planes of existence, if you will, that appear to be angelic. I’m talking about the bigger part of us, what others have called the Higher Self. We’ve given it/them many names, however, they have no name. For simplicity, I’ll use the term, Higher Self. The Higher Self consists of a group of beings that have been with us since we came into being. That could have been a million Earth years, more, or less. The Higher Self watches over us, protects us, loves us, and allow us our free will, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our missions, agreements, and contracts. They sound like Guardian Angels? Yes, because what we comprehend as angels are actually extraterrestrials, and are also expressed as the beings of the Higher Self.

Our Guardian Angels watch over our physical body when we astral travel at night when we sleep. The Higher Self is busy cleaning and healing our physical bodies. We also interact with our angels in our dream state, where much is being done behind the scenes. We are given messages about what we are experiencing in the human form, and information about what is going to happen in our life. It’s up to us to discern and comprehend this helpful information as we apply it in our everyday human life.

Our Guardian Angels protect us from spirits who don’t have our best interest at heart. However, there are tough experiences we signed up for, that the Guardian Angels know about, and allow us the benefit of learning from those that want to mess with us. There are contracts to be fulfilled and missions to accomplish. For some, the experience causes an early demise, or transition to the other side. We must remember there are multiple reasons for every action. It’s up to us to learn from our experiences and situations.

For many Guardian Angels, its a thankless job in human terms. The human often becomes engaged in the day to day activities, focused on living a life, and forgetting we have help. The payment for the human to give to the Guardian Angel’s for services rendered, is gratitude. To say, “Thank you” is enough. They love us very much. As they serve us, they serve God/Creator/Source. For they know we are the Creator.

Have you hugged your Guardian Angel in your mind today?

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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