When we worry about someone or how a situation will turn out, we are attempting to have control over the outcome. In terms of the Universe, control is something we simply do not have. Trying to control something is wasted energy. Energy that could be well spent focusing on what we do have – this present moment. Worrying lowers our vibration and sets us up for potential stress and illness. It diminishes our spirit and prevents us from being the vibrant loving humans we are.

And worrying doesn’t apply just to the future. Worrying about the past is called regret. It’s another way we try to control something.

What if there was no concept of future or past? What if all we know is this present moment? All of our energy would be focused on our current creations and relationships. It is possible our projects would be created with more ease and precision. Our relationships with one another would be richer and more rewarding.

I have something wonderful to share with you! There is no future. There is no past. All we have is now.

The past and future are forms of illusions. When we worry about the past or future, we place ourselves in them. That prevents us from living in a grounded, authentic manner, in the present moment.

So, how can we stop worrying? One way is to return to a state of happiness by focusing on what we are grateful for. Write down three things we are grateful for. This simple exercise will change our focus and our vibration to one of a higher frequency.

Another way to stop worry is to write and say affirmations out loud. If we are worried about our safety, then a good affirmation is:

“I trust the Universe will always protect me. I am safe.”

If we are worried about how a project will turn out, an affirmation of what we want is:

“All is in Divine order. I trust my project is for the highest good for all.”

Every time we find ourselves with thoughts of worry, we can change our thoughts with positive affirmations and gratitude. And please remember not to beat yourself up when you find your mind is worrying. We all do this and we can think of it as another one of our lessons we chose to learn when we came to the planet.

Please consider this…

When our project or relationship doesn’t turn out the way we had planned and hoped for, there is a reason. And while we may not understand why at this present moment, know in our hearts, the truth will be revealed down the road. And we will most likely be pleasantly surprised!

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

August 25, 2012
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