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Years ago, while teaching at a local college, I was asked to write a daily positive affirmation for the students on the whiteboard before the start of each class. I searched for affirmations in books and newsletters. I focused on affirmations that applied to all of the students, no matter their gender or marital status. I did not realize the effect the affirmations had until I announced my departure from the college. Several students asked me to send affirmations via e-mail because they saw value in this form of guidance. I agreed to write and send affirmations on a weekly basis.

After several weeks, I received a message from my Angels. I heard a voice in my head saying, “Barbara, we can help you with this.” I readily agreed and asked how this would be done. I was told to relax and listen to the voice. As I listened, I typed the words on the keyboard. I noticed the messages were from a perspective of love and support. I decided to place these affirmations into a collection available to all who desire a loving and nurturing guide for daily issues in their lives. I am honored to have been the channel for these messages from the Spirit realm.

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