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Read What Others Say About Their QHHT® Experience



I want to thank you again for putting so much energy, dedication, and attention into my QHHT experience. I felt comfortable walking through the door and I was always certain that you were the right person to guide me through that process. The main thing I wanted was a more integrated and connected relationship with my higher self and that is what I have been experiencing since our session. It was an honor spending time with you and I greatly appreciate the care and passion you exhibited as you guided me through the entire process.

Ryan M.



My Achilles and wrist feel great. My hips and lower back felt great right after the session and then there were a couple of moments where I had a relapse and then back to feeling great.  It’s a little tender now. My thought is that I will focus on strengthening my core to improve this. I stopped taking my thyroid and testosterone medications believing in my heart that I was healed and future labs will prove it. I played the guitar with no fear. I am committed to doing the inner work and then coming back for another session to go deeper and having more conversations recorded with my higher self. Thank you. I appreciate you, Barb.

T. J.



Barbara, I feel a positive shift in my outlook and sense stronger and improved communication with the Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters, I so enjoy connecting with. You can’t ask for more than that!




I wanted to thank Barbara for an amazing QHHT session.  The session was so thorough from preparing for the session, the session itself, and the aftercare.  I was quite nervous because I knew I would be vulnerable, but she made me feel safe and comfortable.  Since the session, so much has happened.  I have gained clarity and feel productive in the areas of my life that I was “stuck” in for years.  I am so grateful for this very special lady.

P. G. | Phoenix, Arizona



For starters, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great session and for such a great EXPERIENCE! When I was on YouTube watching QHHT sessions, I immediately felt like it was the next step for my spiritual development. I ended up finding Barbara and immediately felt butterflies in my stomach, which I later found out was my higher self-giving me confirmation on her.

If you are thinking about getting a session or wondering if it is right for you, just go for it. Barbara guided me into my session very gently and lovingly and made me feel really at ease during the entire time. I learned so much about myself, as we went on an adventure to 2 past lives and had a great dialogue with my higher self.

After the session, I woke up feeling AMAZING. My anxiety is gone. I feel like I can love at my highest level again. Barbara is wonderful and will forever have my thanks!

K. B. | Phoenix, Arizona



For anyone considering a session, I would say there is a reason you are, for there is much more to life than the history books.  It may be time to expand your thoughts and delve deeper into your own true self.  It is like an archeological excavation where your questions are the clues needed to complete the puzzle.  It is a very positive experience in every way, and with Barbara’s skillful care, the journey is filled with light and understanding.

L. W. | San Diego, California



My QHHT® session with you in November 2016, had a healing for my thyroid……Well, today (February 22, 2017) I got my lab results, and, my thyroid is normal, and no Hashimoto’s (autoimmune antibodies).  I had stopped the meds the day of our session!

C. R. | Phoenix, Arizona



I just finished listening to the QHHT® session, and want to thank you again for facilitating that experience.  Ever since that session I have been watching to see how things have changed for me.

Firstly, my husband’s leg is healed; pain all gone.  It took a few days, but, he just woke up one day and decided that the cigars he was smoking were actually giving him nicotine poisoning, and just quit.  No more pain, no limping😊

My heart is lighter, more free……..baggage feels gone.  Taking the advice of my SC, not doubting myself, not going to those dark mental places, they are just a faint memory, no powers over me.  That healing from SC, clearing out the dark emotions really worked for me!

R. F. | Sun City, Arizona



I have a new life! My vibration is so high. I can feel love, give love and receive love, for the first time in my life! All my depression and anxiety are completely gone!

C. L. | Phoenix, Arizona



I have to share with you a remembrance of healing as I awakened this morning — I saw some green light going over my whole breast area; I felt a definite tingling from that light, especially on the left breast. The tingling was proof enough of the continuing healing; ‘seeing’ the green light was just an added bonus!! So I was truly blessed to have witnessed my own healing as it continues from our session!! I truly feel like a new woman!!!!! Life is wonderful! Thanks once again, Barbara, for the beautiful healing QHHT session.

D. R. | Phoenix, Arizona



You are an amazing teacher and I know you are definitely going to be providing others with some new modalities of healing. Just recently I was woken up at 3:23 by my guides to listen to your QHHT® interview on Streaming For The Soul. So I obliged and sure enough, I began to feel your energy pulling through. My left hand, in particular, began to heat up and then my right hand shortly thereafter.

I thought that was the purpose for me being pulled out of bed. But then as I laid back down I began to experience a bright purple light envelope my bedroom. I soaked it in and drifted off to what I thought was sleep. However, I became conscious that I was looking up at what looked like the night sky filled with stars! A cluster of multi-colored lights caught my attention and I zeroed in on them.

I was filled with unbelievable excitement as I recognized that it was a familiar star galaxy and I immediately yelled, “I want to go home now.” I could feel myself having an out of body experience and awakened after that, speechless and left in complete amazement. Barbara all I can say is WOW! I wish you the best and know without a doubt you are providing so many a sense of purpose and helping others including myself to awaken to their cosmic bodies and selves.

M. W. | Phoenix, Arizona



Barbara Becker is a truly gifted QHHT® Practitioner. This became evident for me when I was in the middle of my hypnosis session; while listening to Barbara’s voice I could feel myself relaxing even deeper into hypnosis and at times throughout the session it even felt like Dolores Cannon was speaking through Barbara to me! It was as if their voices seemed to merge. This was, by far, one of the best spiritual sessions I have ever had. I am so very grateful I listened to my heart to come see Barbara, even with her being over 2400 km away!

From start to finish, Barbara gently guided me through the QHHT® process in the most loving and kind way. Her compassionate and nurturing spirit came through in the way she offered to talk to me on the phone (even before I booked the session), how she shared with me the session plan, how she actively listened to my story before the session and how she sat with me as I was coming out of my deep state after the session. Every step of the way I felt comfortable, relaxed and completely taken care of.

The information I received from my Higher Self well exceeded my expectations. Not only did it uncover a few hidden areas but also brought to light the answers and clarity I was seeking. To this day, I am still absorbing it all and letting it settle in. I must also add that the richness of information that came through my session I truly believe is also attributed to Barbara’s deep spiritual connection, her voice and active facilitation style.

Above and beyond, I highly recommend Barbara to anyone seeking a deeper connection to their Higher Self and to all those seeking a Practitioner that will help take them deeper to uncover their personal truth and path forward.

Kim S. | Calgary, Canada



Through my years of my own journey into self-awareness, I discovered how important it was for me to get a past life regression. Although we can go through the common modalities such as counselors, healers, and many other others. There may come a time when you’re close to the end of your self-healing process, when things just don’t seem to bother you as much anymore.

For me, when I got to this endpoint in my life, I discovered there was still something that just wasn’t right. No matter how hard I looked inside of myself periodically, I still felt a disturbance in the force. I would feel good for a week or two, and then some mornings I would wake up feeling yucky and have to use my skills to get me back on track. It wasn’t until my wife went to a psychic in Mexico and in her reading, the woman said that it would do me well to go to a past-life regressionist, and how that would be my last step to my freedom. As soon as my wife shared this with me, I felt a feeling of instant awareness that it was true, because every time I looked inside of myself to see why, I always came to a dead-end.

So, about three days after I found out what my wife learned from the psychic, I had a strong urge to call my friend, Barbara Becker. As we were in the middle of our conversation, Barbara started talking to me about a healing process she now offers. It’s called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM. I asked her, “Well, what’s that?” She said it is a past life regression technique that was discovered and perfected by Dolores Cannon. Suddenly, all the bells and whistles went off inside of me. I was so excited, I cut her off right in the middle of her conversation and said, “I want to have a session!”

After she facilitated my session, it was like a magic switch was turned on. I felt 100% healed from all the old crap from the past. I got up the next morning feeling the best I ever felt in my life! I had the tenacity, strength, and focus beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations!

So, if any of my friends out there, are having similar symptoms and feel this resonates for you, please contact what I would consider one of the best past life regression practitioners, Barbara Becker, for your personal Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueSM session.

Lance Heard | Shaman



Over the years I’ve had many energy clearings/healings. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, has come anywhere near what I experienced with Barbara. The healing and energy integration was so intense that when I came back into the conscious waking state, I could literally feel every cell in my physical body vibrating and teeming with energy.

Her experience as a nurse, knowledge of the cosmos, work with the ascended beings, and her heightened state of consciousness have allowed her to become an exemplary healing practitioner. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Barbara. She will work with Dolores, your Higher Self, and your guides to bring to you the best possible outcome from your session. My session with her has far, far surpassed my expectations, and I am already planning future sessions with her to continue the energy integration and healing work that I know needs to be done.

W. K. | Phoenix, Arizona



I’m forever grateful for your generosity and your willingness to help others like myself. Not a day has gone by that I don’t recall our session and continue to find deeper significance in the wisdom you brought to the surface. After the QHHT® session, I woke up feeling so refreshed and happy and can’t help to notice that a bird has been urging me to go outside for some additional healing! I listened to the session right after you left and like you said, more details came to me. I saw an image of Queen Elizabeth and King Henry VIII. I got the impression I spent that particular past life in England.

I recognize that my husband is more supportive than I thought. He allows me to be myself, even if he can’t understand my spiritual journey yet, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for giving me a new perspective of my life. I plan to cherish motherhood and let my light shine! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I send you waves of love. May God always bless your journey, for wherever you walk, you bring light upon the world.

M. W. | Phoenix, AZ



My experience with Barbara and the QHHT® session was extraordinary. I was able to heal emotional trauma from my life and fully understand the reason for my inexplicable sadness. We went through my other life in the stars and discovered that I have my real family there. For some reason, I felt nostalgic just to see the stars at night, especially Orion belt. Barbara and I were able to travel throughout the Universe and discover things that I would never imagine! Thank you, Barbara, for being such a great guide. LOVE and Peace!

B.D. | Phoenix, AZ



This is quite a journey! Since having the QHHT® meeting with you, I have had many realizations. Too many to describe here. I ordered the introductory pack of books from Dolores and felt I needed to begin with, Five Lives Remembered. I saw that as “doing my homework” before delving into what I considered the more interesting books. I am so glad I did. Now I am reading, Between Death and Life and I want to underline and underline! This book is utterly enthralling.

L.M. | Phoenix, AZ



Hi Barbara, I wanted to thank you for the great session on Saturday. I really felt like a great healing took place. Yesterday I did an amazing meditation, the deepest I have ever gone. And I felt like I was in another dimension and that I was completely filled with light and love until it became so that I was light and love. I felt like this was an ‘Activation’ of some sort.

C.P. | Phoenix, AZ



Thank you for the QHHT® session. It was intense, but the results were amazing. I cleared a lot of old hurts as evidenced by an angel communicator I see, who said she doesn’t see any more dark areas as she had previously. I feel spiritually lighter. I also no longer have stomach or lower quadrant issues and I feel so much lighter. Thank you for your time and for the wonderful healing.

K.B. | Sun City, AZ

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