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We really enjoyed the visualization today, very powerful. As I mentioned, I really felt the Mathematical Star Language reaching out to everyone here in our galaxy, galaxies beyond, and even timelines and dimensions, wherever the pink-golden light reached. A very expanding loving sensation and the colors were beautiful.


I was deeply moved by the energies of yourself and your team of Light Beings. After the call, I was in their energetics for quite a while and realized I have been missing my spiritual friends and it felt wonderful to reconnect in a group setting. It’s one thing to visit solo with your Light Family; but with a group, it is a vast dynamic outpouring of visual blessings for all in the group and the world. Thank you, my dear sister of the heart, for what you do each day/month for others.

W. T.

I feel my Higher Self is telling me that the energy transmissions that were initiated during our Star Conference continued through the night.  A higher frequency that our bodies were working on integrating.  We both woke up many times to urinate, so that must be the releasing of the old so the new could be installed.


When listening to the mathematical star language, it seemed very familiar. The effect was twofold: relaxation and release which manifests as a deep breath being spontaneously released (occurred several times) and vibrations felt mainly in the area of the heart chakra and in the scalp area as electrical pulses. Also, overall vibrations felt throughout the body (feet, legs, etc.)  


Thank you, Barbara, for facilitating these sessions. The energy transference that happens for each person’s healing on the call, heals each of us whether we’re cognizant of it happening or not, where ever it is needed within ourselves. Also, the more you listen to the sessions, the energy opens into other areas of your life to see clearly, the changes that happen to refine you to move forward graciously.
W.T., Hawaii

I’ve noticed gradual shifts , some big jumps, and lately I see how quickly things actualize for me. One friend keeps saying how I seem so much calmer in general, and is amazed by what I’ve been creating. When friends curiously ask what am I doing I mention that listening to your Star Energy Healings over and over has been a great contribution. Thank you so much for your work, Barbara!
S.L., Scottsdale, Arizona .

Thank you so much Barbara!!!  During the 8/17/14 Star Energy Healing teleconference I asked White One questions regarding my career path and possible relocation.  I received confirmation to validate my own intuition, as well as some much needed guidance and healing around these areas that have caused me great anxiety and stress.  I now know the exact steps needed to keep moving forward on my path!  Thank you again!!

C.P., Arizona

I absolutely felt I was healed during the teleconference. There was a warming sensation in my stomach and solar plexus area, but the biggest thing that happened was I felt so very sleepy, I could not keep my eyes open. I was aware of hearing the coded message you were speaking, then a few seconds after you stopped, I felt like I was being brought out of that state and I wasn’t sleepy anymore.

I listened to the recording again last night and it felt different this time. I was not sleepy at all, even though I kept waiting to start feeling it again. I kept my eyes closed. It was as if I could see a color of energy being put around me. It kept changing colors, from either dark purple to black to light purple, then pure white. There was a male in charge also. I heard, “It is done” at the end. WOW!!

W.V., Tennessee

Wow, what an experience! You are truly gifted. Thank you for all that you do! I felt SUCH deep gratitude and love to White One for saying my name during the teleconference! I must say, that I was a little skeptical because I was not on the conference call and you couldn’t hear my voice. As I was listening to White One speak I started to feel lighted headed, like I was floating. I didn’t realize that this was healing taking place. Amazing. I wasn’t sure about e-mail healing, but it obviously works! Sending you many, many blessings and love!
L.C., Canada

I was able to listen to the recorded Star Energy Healing teleconference today. It was amazing! I felt surges of energy going through my body as you spoke. White One did address my question in the positive. What gifts you possess! Gifts for us all, really. I thank you again for your guidance and help. It amazes me the way your teachings, as well as others, can be personal and yet, universal at the same time.
R.M., Texas

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