Skydiving gives you a refreshing, amazing perspective of the world. This occurs because from a high altitude, you are seeing the bigger picture of the Earth’s landscape. This is compared to flying in a jet, where you have metal and glass barriers with a chair to sit in while looking at the ground below. With skydiving, you are a part of the sky with the sensation of a high amount of air movement against your physical body. The wind is loud and the feeling is intense terminal velocity about 120mph.

I chose SkyDive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona for my tandem skydiving experience. The facility is located seventy-six miles south of North Phoenix and is considered the world’s largest skydiving center. Their focus is on safety and require their instructors to have double the number of jumps than other facility requirements. I was lucky to have an experienced military paratrooper named, Gena, with twenty-six years of skydiving. I read his body language and from what he told me, I knew I had the best instructor for me. 

I scheduled my tandem skydive two months ahead, so I could jump on a specific date; September 28, 2023. In my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, I share why that date has significance for me and the amazing events that occurred in several of the years.This gave me plenty of time to view videos of people dying while skydiving and the potential problems. I wanted to really amp up the fear so I could do a major part of the processing of fear prior to the jump. Every time a negative thought came into my mind, I switched it to the positive. Even before I scheduled the tandem skydive, I asked my Higher Self if this is something beneficial for me. They replied in the affirmative. Given the green light, I placed my request on the SkyDive Arizona facility calendar.

Gena applied the harness to my legs and checked my shoulders. He showed me how to arch my back and keep my head and eyes upward when we jump out of the plane. We briefly reviewed the landing position of my body. When it was time, we walked to the tram that took us to the plane on the tarmac. We climbed the short ladder located on the rear side of the plane and sat on a bench with seat belts. The pilots took us up in the sky to the 13,000 feet elevation.

During this first tandem skydive, when my awesome instructor and I jumped from the airplane, it literally felt as if my molecules disintegrated into the nothing-ness. I escaped my body and became one with the sky. This is the most freeing experience of my sixty-eight years on planet Earth.

Did you know the air resistance of skydiving causes the dead skin cells to be removed, allowing more elasticity and decreasing wrinkles? The thin air at higher altitudes has a beneficial oxidizing effect on the skin pores too. I would think multiple jumps could yield demonstrable results.

I made sure I ate a good breakfast and was hydrated with water prior to the jump, because I didn’t want to experience the side effects post-jump, such as, nausea, dizziness and headache. I had none of these symptoms when I landed on the ground.

The modern parachutes are designed to be efficient in opening smoothly and for precision control of flight and landing. The chute is capable of giving g-force-inducing turns and spirals. When Gena had me take the lines to make a left turn, he pulled harder on the line for me. The turn became a roller coaster ride experience. Wow! That was amazing! Then, I told him we must do a right turn for the balance of the experience. Again, the g-force was intense as we abruptly turned right. 

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and the fact we could see almost forever. I recognized landmarks and the landing areas below. I kept repeating, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” “I love you, I love you, I love you!” These words came from deep within me, expressing my eternal gratitude for this man giving me this amazing experience. The words came out of me naturally, without thought. It seemed I was able to find the inner core of my human existence and this is a good thing.

Skydiving increases your self awareness. The chemicals in your brain for happiness, peace, safety and excitement are released. Skydiving can be therapeutic for stress, PTSD and anxiety. Some people will have a spiritual experience feeling their Oneness with God/Source. 

Contrary to popular thought, skydiving is not a dare devil activity. Rather, those who train to be skydivers, have to go through classes and checks to learn all of the safety mechanisms and maneuvers to ensure a pleasant and safe experiences. 

Skydiving helps a person to conquer their fear and discover it’s all in their mind. I had no fear of heights in the plane, nor the actual skydive. I had the mindset of curiosity. This is why I remained present in the moment during the entire experience. I soaked it all in and enjoyed every second. The landing was flawless, as seen in the photo below. I told you I had the best instructor!!

I am an empath. For some empaths, the rush of stimuli can be too much. That is why skydiving is a personal choice. I do feel having a positive attitude and outcome vision, helps a great deal for an amazing experience.

Skydiving is a confidence builder. Once you tandem skydive, you will discover you can do anything, or it confirms what you already know about yourself, in that regard. We all have mental challenges in our life. Skydiving can help give you the courage to know you can handle a lot more than you think. 

Another thing I noticed is the happiness of other skydivers around me. It was like we were all kids having fun. The energy of joy is contagious.

A deeper level of trust in oneself is another benefit of tandem skydiving. I experienced two months of my ego trying to convince me not to jump. I am self-aware enough to know how the mind comes up with many excuses not to do something. I am not the mind. I have a mind. I also have free will and through consultation with my inner guidance, I knew this is something I wanted to do before I leave this Earthly existence. Mission accomplished!

Watch my tandem skydive here:

Blessings of joy!

Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker is a Level 2 QHHT® practitioner. She has facilitated sessions since 2014, for hundreds of clients from all over North America, including Canada and Hawaii, and other countries. A naturally gifted healer, she is also a trance channel and author. She has a free monthly newsletter and low cost monthly gatherings where she channels her Higher Self, The White One; a collective of beings from the Great Central Sun of 10,000 Suns. The White One answers questions and transmits healing energies through the Mathematical Star Language.

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