And I don’t mean the electricians changing light bulbs and repairing electrical systems. Unless, of course, they are “light workers” too. We made it through 2017. It was a bumpy ride for many and yours truly. Before we breathe our collective sigh that the year is over and we’re ready to start afresh, let’s keep in mind we are in the middle of a storm. The energetic storm is composed of hidden government and secret space programs coming to the light of the global consciousness. Just like pedophilia, corruption, human sex trafficking and slave markets, and all that is being brought to the surface to be purged from the Earth dimension, it’s still going to feel a little rough. Full disclosure of extraterrestrial life on Earth and our neighboring planets is coming to the mainstream of society. The exact date? I do not know.

Why will it be a busy year? Due to the awakening of people to the truth of our existence and purpose, the light workers are needed to help people to be calm and centered. More of our friends and family will be crossing over and ascending. Those who have the gift of seeing deceased people as spirits can offer the most comfort as they relay the messages of well being to those left behind. These same light workers will offer support and comfort for those who have never seen a spirit before. This will be more commonplace as the veil between the dimensions thins even more.

Giving loving allowance for everyone and everything to be in its own place and time, including ourselves, is paramount to establish peace and unity consciousness. We don’t have to fix another person. Our responsibility is ourselves, unless, of course we are a parent to a child and/or pet. That is an additional burden or gift, if you will. Working on our inner problems and opportunities to learn from, is a never ending process. If you, the light worker, find difficulty or blocks in releasing your inner issues, then seek the assistance of an energy worker, your angels, or a shaman, for examples. Be not afraid to be called out on your belief and behavior that is causing you to be stuck. Welcome the constructive observations and recommendations. Own it, and affirm to resolve it. It may appear to be difficult, however, it’s worth the journey in the end, or on the other side of it.

Lastly, remember to seek a higher perspective when looking at turmoil and strife in the world and your community. Witnessing the transformation and how it appears, brings a sense of peace and right order. Assist when and where you can. Being of service yields the gifts you seek in yourself. Love yourself unconditionally. Let’s embrace what the new year brings, because it’s all love anyway.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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