To receive the most out of your medical care with physicians, surgeons, naturopathic medical doctors, and chiropractors, addressing the metaphysical reason of illness and injuries augments your healing process. Everyone can promote their healing with gratitude, happiness and forgiveness.

1.   Gratitude. Counting our blessings, rather than the failures and disappointments in our life places us in a state of gratitude. And the blessings don’t have to be huge or complex. Being grateful for our heart beating every second of every day, watching a bird fly in the air, and seeing a butterfly flit from flower to flower, are examples of what we can be thankful for. If everyday you can name three things that you are glad you have in your life, your spirit will be uplifted. Smiling will be easy even when you walk through your toughest challenges. Being grateful is the gateway to our happiness.

2.   Happiness. The Chinese Goddess of love and compassion, Quan Yin, once told me in a meditation, “Your happiness is very important.” She is right. Happiness holds a positive vibration. It’s also contagious! What happens when you hear someone laughing almost non-stop? You start laughing. Notice how you feel on the inside? Lighter perhaps? Happiness is a magnet for abundance, health, and wellness. If you find yourself out of happiness, then go back to step one, gratitude.

3.   Forgiveness. Changing a negative perception of a situation or person, to a positive one is a powerful healer. When we feel someone has harmed us, it puts us in the victim mode. Before we came to Earth, we agreed to have experiences for our soul growth. If we look at our experiences as our creations instead of what someone has done to us, we are able to see the situation differently. When we take responsibility for our creations, we are able to forgive. Forgiving others and most importantly, forgiving ourselves is a powerful healer because it reaches down into our soul, on the metaphysical level, where illness is manifested.

Gratitude, happiness and forgiveness set us free and place us in a positive mind set. When we are positive, our inner light and beauty shines as a beacon to attract wellness and a quicker recovery. Being positive attracts loving relationships that are supportive and nurturing. A positive attitude can readily be seen and felt by recruiters and managers, while you are interviewing for a new job. And it won’t matter what your age is! Your chances of securing the job are greater when you are positive.

Promoting our wellness through self healing brings us closer to living the vibrant and joyful life we are meant to live.

Blessings and Love!

Barbara Becker
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